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  1. Digital & Hybrid Piano

    Digital & Hybrid Piano
    Like much of our current technology the digital pianos available today have come a long way in the past few years as have the people who play them. In past years the customer purchasing a digital piano was typically a beginner player looking for an entry level instrument to begin their lessons. Today’s customer is often an intermediate to advanced...
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  2. A Brief History of the Fender Telecaster

    A Brief History of the Fender Telecaster
    The electric guitar that changed the world The inadvertent wonder of the Telecaster is strange. How could something acutely simplistic be that impactful? So much gear gets its glitz from pure happenstance; full of trinkets and doodads employed with the sole responsibility to lure. Typically, when music is made, by anyone, a certain feeling is sought out - of course...
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  3. Native Instruments Announces: Komplete Audio 1 / Audio 2 + Komplete Kontrol M32

    Native Instruments Announces: Komplete Audio 1 / Audio 2 + Komplete Kontrol M32
    Introducing the KOMPLETE KONTROL M32. Portable, compact, and ready to tap into a wide range of instruments and effects from NI and an ever-evolving list of NKS partners. Play on a best-in-class keybed, get inspired by the Smart Play features and explore your creativity with hands-on controls – letting you fine-tune your sounds from our first micro-sized keyboard. Meet the KOMPLETE...
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  4. Tele Fest 2019; The Playlist

    Tele Fest 2019; The Playlist
    Fender Tele Fest 2019 is coming to Tom Lee Music! On Sat Feb 9th & Sun Feb 10th, Tom Lee Music Vancouver + Tom Lee Music Langley will be in full Telecaster festival mode with an eclectic selection of rare, limited AND discontinued genuine Fender and Squier Telecasters. This sales event is bananas, and we are beyond thrilled to be the ones...
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  5. To Synthesis and Beyond

    To Synthesis and Beyond
    Welcome to a new and yet to be fully explored territory in cyberspace; the Tom Lee Music Spotify! Put on your headphones, set your phasers to stun, and prepare to be blasted onto the intergalactic dancefloor.  Enjoy this playlist featuring Mun Sing, Fatima Al Qadiri, SOPHIE, Beta Librae and Yves Tumor selected by me, Lorelle, Graphic Designer for Tom Lee...
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