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  1. Digital & Hybrid Piano

    Digital & Hybrid Piano
    Like much of our current technology the digital pianos available today have come a long way in the past few years as have the people who play them. In past years the customer purchasing a digital piano was typically a beginner player looking for an entry level instrument to begin their lessons. Today’s customer is often an intermediate to advanced...
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  2. Yamaha's Montage offers FM-X and AWM2 synth engines

    Yamaha's Montage offers FM-X and AWM2 synth engines
    Yamaha has taken the wraps off the Montage, its new flagship synth. This is very much an all-rounder, and a serious studio/stage instrument that comes in 61-, 76 and 88-note flavours. We found out more. https://youtu.be/2yNIv3NCiko  
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  3. Vox Continental keyboard prototype

    Vox Continental keyboard prototype
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  4. New Nord Piano 3

    New Nord Piano 3
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  5. Roland JD-Xi

    Roland JD-Xi
    https://youtu.be/7FZjiXldgrc The JD-Xi puts a true analog synth engine, Roland’s famous SuperNATURAL synth sounds, and other creative tools including onboard pattern sequencer and vocal FX. Small in size and Large in versatility, the JD-Xi is all about big sounds and big fun!  
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  6. Renovate Your Piano

    Renovate Your Piano
      Style: "Agfa" Renovate Your Piano: New condo check New plasma TV check Latest smartphone check Modern furniture check Grandma’s piano ?? If you’re like manly Vancouverites in a trendy new condo or have recently renovated your townhome with all the latest gadgets, why are you still staring at Grandma’s musty old piano jutting out in the corner? Time to...
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  7. New from NAMM: QRS Piano Arc

    New from NAMM: QRS Piano Arc
    New from NAMM: QRS Piano Arc
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  8. NAMM 2014 - Korg Tiny Digital Pianos

    NAMM 2014 - Korg Tiny Digital Pianos
    New Ukulele, Ubass and more from NAMM 2014
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