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  1. To Synthesis and Beyond

    To Synthesis and Beyond
    Welcome to a new and yet to be fully explored territory in cyberspace; the Tom Lee Music Spotify! Put on your headphones, set your phasers to stun, and prepare to be blasted onto the intergalactic dancefloor.  Enjoy this playlist featuring Mun Sing, Fatima Al Qadiri, SOPHIE, Beta Librae and Yves Tumor selected by me, Lorelle, Graphic Designer for Tom Lee...
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  2. New Arrival: Dave Smith Sequential Prophet-6

    New Arrival: Dave Smith Sequential Prophet-6
    We are very excited to announce that the Dave Smith Sequential Prophet-6 has hit our shelves! Created as a tribute to the legendary Sequential Prophet-5, this synth is easy to program, fun to play, and sounds unbelievable! The Sequential Prophet-6 includes many of the ground-breaking features that its predecessor had (including its vintage look), but also introduces us to some...
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  3. New Arrival: Roland System-1M

    New Arrival: Roland System-1M
    The Roland System-1M PLUG-OUT Synth is now available in limited stock at our Granville location. This semi-modular synthesizer is powerful, flexible, and unrivalled. Roland’s unique AIRA System-1m is incredible in so many aspects –it includes PLUG-OUT capability, it’s flexible (it can be used as a Eurorack module, a tabletop synth, or for a 19” rackmount unit), is fully equipped with...
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  4. New Arrival - Roland JD-XI

    New Arrival - Roland JD-XI
    The Roland JD-XI Analog & Digital hybrid has arrived at Tom Lee Music! Here’s our breakdown of this cool new and very affordable synthesizer. It’s small, it’s affordable, and it delivers big, fat sound! The JD-Xi, which is currently available at our Vancouver, Langley and Coquitlam locations, truly provides the best of both worlds: the warm response of a classic...
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