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Archives: July 2016

  1. Spirio Video Synchronization Reception

    Spirio Video Synchronization Reception
    Vancouver is an undoubtedly thriving community with strong foundations in contemporary, interdisciplinary and classical arts. Our musical landscape is constantly evolving alongside the creative technology that empowers us as both performers and appreciators of music. But who spearheads this constant evolution of musical and technological excellence? The Steinway Spirio. Our esteemed patrons, friends and colleagues were delighted to attend the recent...
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  2. Young Artist Club Summer Music Exchange

    Young Artist Club Summer Music Exchange
    A group of talented performers from Young Artist Club under the Steinway Society of BC recently traveled with us to Toronto for their Summer Exchange Program with the Crescendo International Competition. The trip was a phenomenal and educational experience for everyone involved. The itinerary included a visit to the Royal Conservatory of Music and the Koerner Hall, an insightful masterclass with...
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  3. Aboriginal Art Exhibition: Latin America & Canada

    Aboriginal Art Exhibition: Latin America & Canada
    Our company was thrilled to celebrate the opening night gala for an Aboriginal Art Exhibition: Latin America & Canada. On July 4th, we were delighted to provide our elegant, high resolution player piano,The Steinway & Sons Spirio. This certainly garnered a lot of attention from the attendees. The piano captures such nuance, power and passion that she is utterly indistinguishable from a...
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  4. Supporting Displaced Families Through Music

    Supporting Displaced Families Through Music
    The recent Alberta forest fires displaced tens of thousands but motivated countless hearts with a call for national relief efforts and support. Tom Lee Music was motivated to create a national fundraising effort to help the residents of Fort McMurray recover from this disaster and return to their families and friends. Throughout the month of June, we were honoured and...
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