Customer Testimonials

A fun experience shopping for musical instruments.
- Kit (Christopher) Taylor

Kurt and all of the staff at the Surrey location are always fantastic every time I visit. Keep up the good work.
- Ryan Dyck

Colin was amazing. He helped me to understand the best set of electronic drums that i should consider based on my price point. He also was willing to answer some basic beginner drum questions that i had.
- Pam Reid

I am a very inexperience Guitar player and wanted a premium guitar. Randy was helpful and respectful in helping me with my decision
- Blair Reid

I really appreciated Gary and his assistance in trying to select a bass guitar as a beginner. He definitely made the price just right upon learning I was a Canadian Navy veteran from Langford so I could pass on the news to others
- Michael C Seinen

Gary's customer service is truly exceptional - he is knowledgeable, friendly and he goes above & beyond.
- Harry Nielsen

I went to the store in Langley and met Andre Bouget. I was having trouble changing the strings on my Fender Stratocaster. Andre was amazing. He changed the strings for me and then did a complete setup for me. The result is like a new guitar. I would highly recommend this store and especially Andre, if you any questions or concerns, he is the man to talk to. Customer service like this is rare and I really appreciated it.
- Don McDermid

I am very grateful for Kurt’s assistance with my return of my nieces flute. He went above and beyond. Thank you so much.
- Mildred Wilson

I visited your Langley store at the end of summer to have the stuck mouthpiece removed from our trumpet and to have it serviced for the upcoming school year. I was at your competitor earlier and they said they would need to send the trumpet to their repair shop for repairs. This would take about 2 weeks and they also recommended that a chemical cleaning was required. At this point I decided to see if Tom Lee could solve our repairs faster. We were pleasantly surprised that there was a repair person on site when we arrived. The stuck mouthpiece was removed in a few minutes at no charge! We then asked if any further servicing was required at this point in time. The repair person was able to correctly determine the age of the trumpet, where we bought it and the price from just looking at the trumpet! A few more minutes of checking and he said that since the trumpet is less than a couple months old and it was in good condition no servicing or cleaning was required at this time. But we should bring it back in a year. We wanted to know how the mouthpiece got stuck and how to prevent this from happening again. He patiently explained to me and my son how to correctly put the mouthpiece on; how to oil the buttons; and how to grease the slides. My son wanted to know why the trumpets on display are so expensive. The repairman again took his time to explain all the differences between a beginner trumpet and a professional trumpet. My son was very impressed with the explanation. I was also very pleased and impressed with the level of knowledge, technical expertise and service that we received from Tom Lee Music. We will be back one day and we will definitely spread the word of our experience. We know many of our friends have already purchased instruments from Tom Lee since our visit.
- Anne Gilmour

Gary was great to deal with.super nice guy with a wealth of knowledge.Iv been going to this store a few years now, they really take joy in helping you find what your looking for. Casey is a great guys bought a custom tele and dropped it (strap failure)Casey took if and fixed it and it plays great. Thanks for being a great store.Life long customer. Mark Busch
- Mark Busch

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