Customer Testimonials

Gary and Casey went out of their way to assist us with a difficult situation that involved a friend of our 11 year old son's breaking a 2 day old Epiphone Les Paul guitar. The nature of the break and further inspection by Casey had us all convinced that the guitar was defective when it arrived at the store and despite multiple attempts to convince the Yorkville/Epiphone Canada rep to do the right thing and take responsibility for selling a defective product, this never happened. Despite this outcome we are extremely satisfied with the service and empathy shown by the Tom Lee staff in Victoria for both families in this awkward situation. It will be our store of choice as our son continues his musical pursuits (with a nice Gretsch guitar). It won't be the last thing we buy at Tom Lee but that Les Paul most likely will be the last Epiphone Canada product we buy.
- Michael Chmara

The store is great and the staff are awesome, will definitely be making this my #1 music store
- Thomas Moyle

Honestly it's super overwhelming for someone like myself who is just starting home music recording, but I was thankful for the service I received because it's easy to feel like you don't belong among the staff who are super knowledgeable but I felt welcomed, and invited to return, and I was very thankful for that.
- R. Morgan Slade

Gary and his team had excellent customer service! They put new strings on my Taylor guitar, and made sure that I got everything I wanted. Gary told us stories of his musical path and had genuine interest in getting to know me as a musician. Tom Lee is further from where I live than long and mcquade, but the service made the distance worth it. Long and Mcquade lacked the welcoming atmosphere that was present at Tom Lee. Will be back again!
- Kaylee Jung

Everything about any Tom Lee Music store I've been to is fantastic! Would be nice to see a few high end classical/flamenco guitars in stock but I understand they are very expensive and stay in stock for a very long time.

Great store, lots of knowledgeable help from Dylan and the layaway option is fantastic for someone like myself.
- Daniel Belanger

I thought i had a dead string, staff member tuned my guitar and told me i was over tightening and did not need new strings. He also showed me an electronic tuner which i purchased. great guy!
- Tony Thurston

When I first realized I wanted to play guitar I was watching Green Day. There was something the way Billie Joe strummed his guitar, it looked oddly satisfying. Of course I was only twelve years old at the time and my parents weren't the richest on the block so getting a guitar right away wasn't going to happen. That's when I found Tom Lee Music! It was suggested to me that I should shop around for the right guitar. Knowing I wasn't going to save up enough money in a long time I went to Tom Lee and tried all of the guitars. I tried many guitars multiple times for much longer than one is probably allowed to and that's how I started to learn how to play guitar. I Am so glad I found Tom Lee when I was so young, it's such a great store! I Am glad that environment even exsited and I hope it always will. I eventually got my first guitar a few years later and I still play guitar every day. I even make money now playing my guitar and it all started at Tom Lee over fifteen years ago.
- Alisha Kujawski

A wonderful place for a piano recital. The staff are very accommodating.
- Donna-Lee Berard

I bought a keyboard that was turned out to not be as portable as I had hoped. Stephan exchanged it for a smaller one without any issues. Thank you Stephan!
- Patrick McGee

I recently picked up a Thunderbird bass and was unsure of the strings I should get. Ed and everyone behind the counter all helped me to pick the perfect strings. It was really appreciated. And the security guard also wished me a grest weekend. It was a very good experience. Thank you
- William Patko

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