Customer Testimonials

Staff were very friendly and knowledgeable. Stated that I was a beginner and was shown everything I needed. Definitely going back
- Darren Mcneil

The shopping experience was great. Gary was very knowledgeable and made sure we bought the instrument that was right for my daughter. Very satisfied!
- Darcy Tringham

I did not notice a name tag of the other male sales clerk. He was actually serving/helping me. The name on the receipt is simply that of the cash clerk. I would like to be able to give proper credit for his great service. Thank you.
- Susan Nikolic

It was a pleasurable experience to chat with Stephen about new audio technology. I love the way the recording department is set up at the Tom Lee Granville location. With $1000, I would buy the Universal Audio Twin-Finity or (if you could order it) a Sound Devices Mixpre-6M. I would like a Mixpre-6M so I can record audio on location for various videography applications.
- Kelly Braden Wilkinson

I love this store we go there for all our music needs and if they don't have something they order it in. Very awesome staff.
- Nola Paxton

I was very impressed with Steve's knowledge regarding audio engineering details. I went in to buy an audio interface and he clearly knew things beyond what I could comprehend. In addition he also gave me advice on other tools for producers. Was great to be served by someone with such knowledge and passion that I can connect to.
- Rhiannon Wellbelove

Ed was great, and helped me purchase my sons first guitar. A huge thank you for his great service and advice.
- Meghan Lea

Fantastic customer service! I called the store for information and stock inquiry and Iris was very helpful and made suggestions as well as offered to make sure I was able to purchase the product that I wanted by placing it on hold behind the counter. When I arrived at the store, the product was a bit different than what was shown on the website. Iris was very helpful in determining that the difference was in the posted photos and we agreed that the photos were in error and not the item itself. I was also ecstatic to find out that the product was on sales.
- Jackson Yu

What an excellent shopping experience! Gary is very personable, knowledgeable and the customer service I was superior to your competitors. I will be back.
- Dennis Johnson

The service was great! I bought a ukulele and the girl that I’ve seen on Friday took a long time to explain me everything and help, showing me a few ukuleles from the store. Dunstan helped me in the same way. The fact that they took the time is amazing!
- Samuel Heurteloup

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