Customer Testimonials

When I first realized I wanted to play guitar I was watching Green Day. There was something the way Billie Joe strummed his guitar, it looked oddly satisfying. Of course I was only twelve years old at the time and my parents weren't the richest on the block so getting a guitar right away wasn't going to happen. That's when I found Tom Lee Music! It was suggested to me that I should shop around for the right guitar. Knowing I wasn't going to save up enough money in a long time I went to Tom Lee and tried all of the guitars. I tried many guitars multiple times for much longer than one is probably allowed to and that's how I started to learn how to play guitar. I Am so glad I found Tom Lee when I was so young, it's such a great store! I Am glad that environment even exsited and I hope it always will. I eventually got my first guitar a few years later and I still play guitar every day. I even make money now playing my guitar and it all started at Tom Lee over fifteen years ago.
- Alisha Kujawski

A wonderful place for a piano recital. The staff are very accommodating.
- Donna-Lee Berard

I bought a keyboard that was turned out to not be as portable as I had hoped. Stephan exchanged it for a smaller one without any issues. Thank you Stephan!
- Patrick McGee

I recently picked up a Thunderbird bass and was unsure of the strings I should get. Ed and everyone behind the counter all helped me to pick the perfect strings. It was really appreciated. And the security guard also wished me a grest weekend. It was a very good experience. Thank you
- William Patko

There are other places we could shop for needs but we come here for the wonderful, friendly service and the enthusiasm. The team took time, on a very busy Sunday, to encourage my daughter and her interest in music. They went above and beyond, with their support and helpfulness.
- Crystal Bos

A fun experience shopping for musical instruments.
- Kit (Christopher) Taylor

Kurt and all of the staff at the Surrey location are always fantastic every time I visit. Keep up the good work.
- Ryan Dyck

Colin was amazing. He helped me to understand the best set of electronic drums that i should consider based on my price point. He also was willing to answer some basic beginner drum questions that i had.
- Pam Reid

I am a very inexperience Guitar player and wanted a premium guitar. Randy was helpful and respectful in helping me with my decision
- Blair Reid

I really appreciated Gary and his assistance in trying to select a bass guitar as a beginner. He definitely made the price just right upon learning I was a Canadian Navy veteran from Langford so I could pass on the news to others
- Michael C Seinen

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