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Archives: December 2014

  1. Anka Stefanovic Awarded 2nd Place in BCRMTA Student Composer Competition

    Anka Stefanovic Awarded 2nd Place in BCRMTA Student Composer Competition
    Anka Stefanovic has studied at Tom Lee music with teacher Rebecca Chan since she was three years old. She started with the Yamaha Music wonderland course and is currently enrolled in the Junior Advance course. Besides playing classical music, she is also really interested in composition. She has been awarded 2nd place twice in BCRMTA student composer competition. Congratulation, Anka...
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  2. Tom Lee Music Festival at the Concord Pacific

    Tom Lee Music Festival at the Concord Pacific
    On December 20th, the Tom Lee Music Festival was held at the Concord Pacific Park Avenue West Presentation Centre in Surrey. There was a strong lineup of performances, which included the Groovedaddy jazz band, Jazz Trio with Trevor Hoffmann (pianist), Aloma Steele(vocalist) and Brian Chan (cellist), members from the Steinway Youth Artist Program, and more! Photo Highlights
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  3. Highest Honour Grade 9 Romantics

    Highest Honour Grade 9 Romantics
    Thirteen-year-old Felix Chan, student of Teacher Rebecca Chan, was awarded with the Highest Honour in Grade 9 Romantic Class. He started with the Yamaha Junior Music Course (JMC) in Richmond and, apart from learning privately; he is also a student of the Piano Ensemble Club. Felix was also selected to perform at the Honour Concert for the BC Registered Music...
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  4. A Musical December at YVR

    A Musical December at YVR
    People who spent any time at YVR last month may have seen a few beautiful pianos on display. We were pleased to bring a couple of wonderful music moments to travellers who were arriving and departing over the Christmas holidays. Two Yamaha Pianos and a Steinway were set up inside the airport near departure areas over the course of 15...
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  5. St. George's Afternoon Tea

    St. George's Afternoon Tea
    Parents and teachers of St George’s School enjoyed an elegant afternoon with coffee, tea, treats and Steinway Christmas music. Homemade desserts were both exquisite and plentiful as speeches were made and coffee was served by the parents of students who attend St. George’s School. Together, the holiday decorations and music played on a Steinway O created a great Christmas atmosphere...
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  6. Melody of Winter Charity

    Melody of Winter Charity
    Last week, members of the Steinway Young Artists Program wowed the community at Century House with breathtaking classical music. From Beethoven to Rachmaninoff, there was a diverse and extensive selection of compositions, all to help children with special needs in British Columbia. The Steinway allowed for the young and inspiring performers to play some incredibly beautiful music. In between performances...
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  7. Chimo Fundraising Gala

    Chimo Fundraising Gala
    Members of the community and local celebrities congregated last week at BIRKS for a great cause - to raise money and support safe environments for women and children who are trying to flee from domestic abuse. Among the hundreds of guests who attended was Steinway Artist Wei Ning, who played breathtaking music on the Bubinga Crown Jewel while delicious food...
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