Tom Lee Music Rental Services

Tom Lee Music rents a full array of band instruments with a rental process that is easy and convenient.  We offer options available should you decide to purchase, exchange or return your rental instrument:

  • Rentals Monthly: You can pre-pay the first 2 months and then pay monthly by pre-authorized payments with either a cheque or credit card.
  • Rentals Yearly:  You can save by pre-paying the entire school year up front (September to June) and have a worry free school season.
  • 100% of your rental payments (either monthly or yearly) go towards the purchase of your instrument.  The Rent to Own value on the rental contract is the price you are saving towards.  As a bonus, a 20% discount on the outstanding balance if you purchase your instrument within the first 24 months and are renting on the Monthly Rent-to-Own program.
  • You may exchange your instrument at any time during the rental period.  With the first exchange in the first year only, we will transfer 100% of your rental credit towards your exchanged instrument of equal or greater value.
  • We have a Buy Back Plan with a no risk option of being able to return an instrument purchased at our “Best Outright Purchase” price for a full refund less the amount of what you would have paid renting monthly.  Minimum rental charge on a Buy Back is three months.

Tom Lee Music rents only instruments that are established brand name instruments and recognized as such by the local school authorities and institutions.

  • All rental instruments are fully serviced and inspected by qualified repair technicians to match product model criteria and quality standards before being offered for rental.
  • All mouthpieces are thoroughly cleaned or replaced.
  • Normal wear and tear adjustments are performed FREE of charge during the rental period.
  • An additional Protection Plan option is available for protection against theft, loss or accidental damage.



Click here for Tom Lee Music School Band Instrument Rental Brochure


Concert & Artist Piano Services

Over 165 years ago, Henry E. Steinway created a piano so extraordinary in tone, touch and craftsmanship, it changed the history of music forever. This remarkable quality makes the bond between artist and Steinway a deeply personal one. Today the incomparable tone and touch of a Steinway is the choice of 97% of concert pianists – the giants of classical, jazz, and pop music....learn more

Tom Lee Music is very proud to offer Steinway & Sons concert grands for Concert & Artist events : concerts, recitals, recording sessions, music festivals, master classes and workshops. These pianos are specially selected by Steinway & Sons, for concert use in the Vancouver Lower Mainland. They are available in both the 9’ model D, ' and the 7’ model B.

If you would like further information about our Steinway Concert & Artist Program, please CONTACT US or call our main Piano Showroom at 604-685-8471 (ext 267).

Piano Home Rental Program

Tom Lee Music offers a Piano Rent-to-Rent program for individuals or families who need time to decide whether owning a piano for their home is in their future, or who simply wish to rent an upright piano month to month. Our Rent-to-Rent pianos are typically used pianos in good condition. To take advantage of our Rent-to-Rent program, please visit one of the Piano Showrooms in person and complete an application form. We require our Rent-to-Rent pianos be rented for a minimum of 6 months. Piano Rentals are available to Lower Mainland residents only. Our Rent-to-Rent pianos start at $29 per month, plus taxes, delivery, and tuning fees.

For special one-day occasions, please see our Concert & Artist Piano Service program.

If you would like further information about our programs, please CONTACT US or visit one of our 5 Piano Showrooms.

Piano Rent to Own Program

One way to see how a piano will benefit our clients, typically parents, is to ‘rent-to-own’ a piano before actually purchasing the piano for home use. Tom Lee Music is pleased to offer a Rent-to-Own Piano Program for our clients. With our Rent-to-Own Program, our clients have up to twelve full months to see how a piano will benefit their lives.

We have chosen the most popular models of pianos that parents typically purchase, for our Rent-to-Own Program. Piano Rentals are available to Lower Mainland residents only.

If you would like further information about our programs, please CONTACT US or visit one of our 5 Piano Showrooms.