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Archives: May 2012

  1. Witold Wardziukiewicz Recital

    Witold Wardziukiewicz Recital
    May 18th, 7:30PM, Tom Lee Music Piano Showroom An evening of Romanticism by pianist Witold Wardziukiewicz playing the beloved music of his country. Program:  E.Grieg - Holberg Suite op 40. F. Chopin Walse csharp - minor op 64 no 2 F.Chopin -Ballade g-minor op. 23 F. Chopin Etude C-major op. 10 no. 1 F. Chopin Etude E-maor op 10 no...
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  2. Dialogues in Improvised Music

    Dialogues in Improvised Music
    https://youtu.be/z1CpRBGVmvs https://youtu.be/g-wYpNHjl_M https://youtu.be/v2HzBXVxBvo Bob Murphy Writes: The iconic jazz saxophonist Cannonball Adderley talked passionately about the potential of jazz (improvised music) to bring a different kind of consciousness to the people who played it and to those who listened. He talked about the ability of a group of improvising musician's to be able to interact, to listen to, and respond...
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  3. Music Monday Event Highlight

    Music Monday Event Highlight
    Media Coverage from Vancouver Sun: VANCOUVER, B.C.: MAY 07, 2012 -- VSO conductor Bramwell Tovey leads school children, May 7th, in the singing of "Tomorrow is Coming" as part of the Music Monday performance at Robson Square. Over 600,000 students from across Canada performed the song. More than 200 schoolchildren gathered at the steps of Robson Square Plaza to sing...
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  4. Play To Win

    Play To Win
    OVER $2000 IN PRIZES, 40 WEEKLY DRAWS OF $25 GIFT CARDS, 3 GRAND PRIZES!!! All performances will be recorded on video and uploaded to youtube on a Zoom Q3HD. Winners will be picked by random draw. Limit one entry per week. No purchase necessary To Enter: Visit any Tom Lee Music location and perform your song in-store. All performances will...
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