Like much of our current technology the digital pianos available today have come a long way in the past few years as have the people who play them.

In past years the customer purchasing a digital piano was typically a beginner player looking for an entry level instrument to begin their lessons. Today’s customer is often an intermediate to advanced pianist looking for a quality instrument to replace their traditional acoustic piano. The common factor with those today is that they now live in a condo, apartment or town home where space is limited and headphones are required.

The touch and sound of todays’ digital pianos are designed to authentically reproduce an acoustic upright or grand piano. The responsiveness of the keys and increased digital memory has brought the realism of these instruments up to a high level. There are also a series of hybrid pianos that combine the best of both acoustic and digital technology. Ideal for those that want the true feel of a traditional piano hammer with the benefit of playing silently with headphones. A manufacturer like Yamaha who makes both traditional and digital pianos is able to use different parts and components from each to satisfy the most demanding player.

For those in smaller spaces todays’ digital and hybrid pianos also take up far less space.
A slim profile like the Roland F140R CB image to fit in narrow spaces or a mini grand with a depth of only 45” to add a touch of elegance to any room.

With so many consumers using smart phones and tablets the piano industry has also taken advantage of this technology where Bluetooth and USB have become more common.
The Yamaha CSP piano uses the free Smart Pianist app to open up a variety of music making options for players of any level to learn, record, or play along with interactive sheet music

Whether beginner or advanced there are now a number of choices to bring out the best in how you play. Digital and hybrid pianos are designed to leave a smaller footprint in your living space and allow you to play anytime day or night in privacy and not disturb the neighbors.
While there are of course many reviews online the best way to experience these instruments is to touch and hear them for yourself.