In order to remain healthy every year during our long, cold, and rainy winter months, we turn up the heat in our homes.

And like humans, a piano needs to remain healthy year-round also.

Since in the Vancouver lower mainland (and Victoria area) there is so much humidity in the air ... moisture ... during our long, rainy winter months, the room where a piano is located requires the temperature to constantly remain between 18 and 23 degrees Celsius, and the humidity to constantly remain between 40% and 50% relative humidity. To monitor the relative humidity purchase a simple Hygrometer, which measures humidity.

When healthy temperature and humidity levels are maintained in the piano room during wet winter months, the piano will stay in tune better, and there will not be ‘sticking’ keys that is due to swollen wooden key and action parts rubbing together.

An important note: as Piano manufacturers will not cover maintenance, service or repairs due to environmental issues under warranty, keeping your piano healthy is the responsibility of the owner.

And in fact, this is a win-win situation, as a healthy piano sounds much better and feels much better, and therefore is certainly much more enjoyable and inspiring to play on whether you are a professional teacher or performer, an aspiring student, or an enthusiast who simply loves to play the piano.

Chuck Gorling, GM Acoustic Piano Division