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  1. NAMM 2019 featuring: EVH Ibanez Destroyer

    NAMM 2019 featuring: EVH Ibanez Destroyer
    First look at the EVH (Eddie Van Halen) Shark guitar. It's an accurate replica of Eddie's guitar - turnbuckles included! Fun fact: This Ibanez guitar became an Eddie Van Halen staple during live performances while touring for the Women and Children First album; Van Halen's third studio album released in 1980. Follow our NAMM 2019 journey on Instagram, @tomleemusiccanada
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  2. New Arrival: Ibanez PS1CM

    New Arrival: Ibanez PS1CM
    Guitar collectors, an absolute gem has arrived at our Granville location: The gleaming Ibanez PS1CM Paul Stanley Signature PS Series Cracked Mirror Guitar! The inspiration for this incredible guitar comes from none other than legendary guitarist and Kiss frontman, Paul Stanley. You may recognize this model from back in the KISS Dynasty era, when Paul played one everywhere he performed...
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