A hot new pedal has made its way to our Granville location: The Fuzz Master General. This is an updated version of the Ace Tone FM-2 Fuzz Master Professional, a vintage pedal famous for its rowdiness. This pedal has been re-imagined with a focus on the modern player.

EarthQuake has really done something cool with this pedal, taking an old classic model and enhancing it. It features a much more accurate Fuzz control which puts out a larger array of tones, ranging from clean to downright dirty. A “Voice” toggle has been added, creating more dirt and variable tone. There are three different clipping styles to choose from with this toggle switch: “germanium”, which produces an open and loose fuzz, “silicon”, a more compressed fuzz, and an “open”, which creates a sound that’s comparable to ring modulation. The open mode is pretty loud, so make sure you turn down the level when you’re on this setting.

This pedal delivers some serious octave power, much like its original model, but with way more versatility. All Fuzz Master Generals are handmade, and they sound absolutely destructive! Make sure to give this pedal a try next time you’re in our Granville Guitar Department.