The new Kala Brand Makala Waterman Ukuleles are now available at Tom Lee Music!

Paying homage to legendary ukulele designer, Mario Maccaferri, the Waterman ukuleles are heavily inspired by the charming 1950’s plastic Maccaferri Islander ukes, with an extra bit of attention given to those who can’t stay away from the outdoors.

These hip little ukes are made from high grade polycarbonate and feature an injection molded body and a fingerboard with molded frets, including a zero fret which creates a more even tone between open strings and fretted notes. It’s water resistant, durable, ridiculously easy to clean, comes in a variety of colours, stays in tune, and it sounds awesome!

Planning on spending a lot of time at the beach this summer? Going hiking? A road trip, perhaps? The Waterman is the perfect uke for all of these scenarios. It won’t have any problems in dry climates at all, truly making it a great “go anywhere” uke. Plus, it comes with a pretty cool little travel backpack!

To purchase a Makala Waterman online, click here!