"Flowers make us happy. They delight the senses, connect us with the organic world, provide life and inspire art."

- Tina Barkley and Karen Marshall Ducommun of Fleurs de Villes

Oakridge Centre was ripe with creative inspiration on Wednesday, May 4th for the opening night celebration of Fleurs de Villes' Floral Fashion Gallery. Patrons were invited to stop and smell the roses while admiring some exquisite fashion designs by the top florists of our city. The mannequins featured a dashing array of carnations, orchids, daffodils, peonies and roses in every shade imaginable. From elegant formal gowns to effervescent summer dresses, there was something for everyone. Tom Lee Music was delighted to provide entertainment for the evening. Pianist Ron Van Dyke performed cocktail jazz music reminiscent of spring, on our elegant Steinway Chinoirserie Piano. The music perfectly complemented the lighthearted and enjoyable atmosphere of the evening.

The Fleurs de Villes exhibition runs May 4th through 8th, 2016 at Oakridge Centre. Some of the incredible featured artists include The Flower Factory, Hilary Miles, Botany Living, Garlands Florist, Blumen, Quince, Vivio, Pretty Things Florist, Floralista, Evvie & Olive Floral, Garden Party Flowers, Our Little Flower Company, and Dushan Flowers.

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