When you have a passion for music, it can often be traced back to the support, inspiration and motivation provided by an exceptional music teacher somewhere during your childhood. At Tom Lee Music, we are constantly impressed and motivated by the dedication and perseverance of music educators in our local community. Part of our mission to support music education and accessibility includes our annual participation in the British Columbia Music Educator's Association (BCMEA) Conference. This year, the conference ran from October 20th to 22nd, 2016 and included over six hundred delegates from around the province of British Columbia. Our Tom Lee Music educational representatives had a wonderful time showcasing accessible classroom instruments and chatting with local music educators and teachers in training. Some of our favourite featured products included the beaver creek plastic ukulele series, the Timber Drum Sleigh Ride Pack from TreeWorks and of course the larger than life sousaphone which was quite a hit amongst the music teachers in attendance! We look forward to attending the conference next year and continuing our support of music education in our local community and around the province.

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