Tommy Bee Music Program

Tommy Bee Beebie Course (Newborn – 9 months)

Course includes baby massage, storytelling, sounds explore, which can stimulate their sensibility and also help them to explore the world.

Tommy Bee Infun Course (9 months - Age 1.5)

Course includes music, storytelling, and games to stimulate children's senses and their awareness of the environment around them. These activities can enhance their observation and expression skills, at the same time, train their major muscles. Children will learn in this fun and enjoyable environment leading to their good physical and mental development. Students in this class can experience different customs through the theme of "four seasons". The use of festival songs can help to develop listening & rhythms abilities.

Tommy Bee Toddlies Course (Age 1.5 – 2)

Course provides opportunity for parents to participate with their children and can see their growth up close as they interact with the teacher and other students. The program uses themes in daily life to increase interest in learning. Also, the program introduces fundamental music concepts through storytelling, music appreciation, creative movement and rhythm training with various percussion instruments and props. Inspiring their sense of music and rhythm, children get introduce to the group environment.

  • Students should be accompanied by a parent/adult.
  • Course certificate will be issued to students with adequate class attendance.

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