School Holidays and Policy

2019-2020 Tom Lee Music Academy Holidays



September 2, Labour Day

October 14, Thanksgiving Day

November 11, Remembrance Day

December 23-January 5, Winter Break

February 17, Family Day

March 16-March 29, Spring Break

April 10, Good Friday

May 18, Victoria Day

July 1, Canada Day

August 3, BC Day



TLMA School Policy (2019-2020)

  • Registration Fee & Administration Fee

- A complete registration form must be filled out.

- For students under 19, a parent or guardian’s signature is required.

- A non-refundable $30.00 registration fee per family from September 1, 2019 to August 31st, 2020 is applied to all students.

- An extra $15 processing fee is applied to monthly payment.

- Payment methods include: Single payment in the forms of cash, credit card charge, debit card charge, AND monthly payment: preauthorized credit card only.

  • Declined Transaction for Monthly Payment Plan

- A $20 late payment fee will be applied if monthly payment is not received by the 15th of the month for declined transaction.


  • Group Lesson Cancellation Policy

- Group lessons cannot be cancelled or refunded. If the lesson is cancelled by the teacher or the academy, we will reschedule the cancelled lesson by all means. If not, we will refund or credit the fee for the cancelled lesson.

- Tom Lee Music Academy reserves the right to cancel any group classes that do not have sufficient enrollment. A full refund will be issued in that event (two students can continue with “semi-private” lessons).

- Should the size of the group class decrease to 2 students, the length of lesson will be change to 45minutes or they may continue as semi-private lesson with adjusted payment.

  • Private Lesson Cancellation Policy

- Require a minimum of 48 hours’ notice for all cancellations; any cancellation within 48 hours will be up to the teacher to decide for make-up lesson or not.

- Only 1 lesson cancellation will be accepted in each term for each student. The makeup lesson should be rescheduled within the same term by all means; however, if the lesson cannot be made up by the reasons of the teacher or the Academy, the lesson will be converted to the Academy credit.


  • Late policy            

- If the student is late for half of the lesson time, the teacher has the right to cancel the lesson. The lesson will still be charged, makeup lesson is not guaranteed.


  • Transfer to another teacher or class

- First time request is free

- Second time request and after, $25 transfer fee will be applied

- If the transfer is needed because of the Academy’s or teachers’ unexpected reason, the fee will be waived

- Deadline for transfering Yamaha class: December 31st,2019 for September enrollment; March 31st,2020 for January enrollment.


  • Refund Request: Before Classes Begin (Group and Private)

-Full refund (including material fee) if a student cancels 4 weeks before 1st class

-Partial refund (including material fee) for cancels within 4 weeks before classes begin, the first 1-3 classes fee may be charged

- Refund request form must be filled up and signed by the applicant to receive the refund

  • Refund Request: After Classes Begin (Group and Private)

- 4-school-week advance written notice is required to withdraw from the program;

- 4-weeks tuition fee will be charged weather lessons are taken or not;

- informing the instructor of the intent to withdraw, or not attending classes, does not constitute withdrawal;

-refund request will not be accepted for Yamaha program if passing the refund deadline: 1) February 28 For September-June enrollment; 2) March 31 for January-June enrollment

- Refund request form must be filled up and signed by the applicant to receive the refund. The 4-week lessons fee will be applied after the signature date on this form

-If you cancel your lessons without fulfilling the requirement of the special rate, the difference between the regular rate and discounted rate will be applied and charged from your account balance

-Material fee and monthly payment processing fee are non-refundable

All 2019-2020 lessons credits must be used by Dec 31st 2020. No Credits will be carried over beyond Dec 31st 2020.



- Registration fee; monthly payment processing fee

- Material fees once classes have begun (For Yamaha second term material fees after Dec 1st 2019)

- Short Term Package: Trial lesson, Private lessons (4 weeks program) OR Group lessons

It takes approximately 4-8 weeks for refunds to be processed.