As the end of the musical school year approached, the students from our Tom Lee Music Academy gathered for a series of final concerts in celebration of another year of learning. Students from the ages of 8 -14 performed in groups and on their own for teachers, parents, and friends to enjoy. The first concert was held on June 3rd in our downtown Vancouver store. A series of private-study students were featured, each performing a solo that showcased their individual talents. Many received scholarships and trophies for their achievements.

The next concert on June 10th was a year-end celebration with Yamaha that hosted all academy students. The students shared the stage for this recital and played a beautiful concert together in harmony.

On June 17th, the Richmond Academy and Yamaha group-study students also joined together to perform with students from North Vancouver to play one final concert after a year of piano study.

The Year End Gala Concert on June 24th at the UBC Roy Barnett Hall was our highlight concert of the year. Starring both the top students from several divisions as well as guest performers from Wizz Kids Music Studio in Toronto, the hard work and dedication of each one of the young musicians truly shined through their performances. With just under 30 performers in total, the 2018 Year End Gala Concert was an evening filled with outstanding achievements, incredible talent and beautiful music.