School Policy

Registration and Payment
A complete registration form must be filled out correctly as paper or electronic format. For students under 15, a parent or guardian’s
signature is required. A maximum non-refundable $30.00 registration fee per family per continuous school year is applied to all
students. A $60.00 registration fee is applied to monthly payment. Acceptable payment methods include: Single payment in the forms of
cash, credit card charge, debit card charge, AND monthly payment in the forms of pre-authorized credit card payment, pre-authorized
direct debit payment or post-dated cheques. The undersigned agree to pay for all lessons taken by the above student in either full
payment or monthly pre-authorized payment option.

Missed Group Lessons
Missed group lessons will not be refunded unless the school or the instructor cancelled the class. Tom Lee Music Academy reserves the right to cancel
any group classes that do not have sufficient enrollment. A full refund will be issued in that event (two students can continue with “semi-private”
lessons). Any point in the year should the size of the group class decrease to 3 students, the length of lesson will be change to 45minutes (If 2 students
remain, they may continue as semi-private lesson with adjusted payment.)

After students have enrolled in a specific class time they have the opportunity to change to a different class ONCE ONLY. If a student decides to
transfer to a new class, different teacher the second time, he/she will be charged a $25.00 transfer fee.
For Yamaha lessons, transfer is not accepted after the December Christmas Break. For January starts classes, transfer is not accepted after March 31st

Cancellation Before Classes Begin
If a student cancels his registration 4 weeks before classes begin, full refund will be issued except for registration fee.
If a student cancels his registration within 4 weeks before classes begin, a partial of the first payment will be refunded and only material fee will be
refunded to the Yamaha students.

Discontinuation/Withdrawal_After Class Begin
A 4-school-week advance written notice is required to withdraw from classes/lessons. Students must complete a Course Discontinuation Form and
submit it to the school office. The 4–school-week period commences upon the receipt of this form. If the notice is given on a lesson day, that week will
not be included in the 4-school-week notice period. Tuition fee for the duration of the 4-week period will be charged whether lessons are taken or not.
Informing the instructor of the intent to withdraw, or not attending classes, does not constitute withdrawal.

For Yamaha lessons, tuition refunds will not be granted for withdrawals where notice is received after February 28th, 2015 (the last refundable lesson
is March 28th 2015). For January starts classes, tuition refunds will not be granted after March 31st, 2015. (the last refundable lesson is April 28th 2015)
All 2014-15 lessons /payment adjustments must be complete before Dec 31st 2015.