TEENAGE ENGINEERING PO-28 Robot Pocket Operator Synth & Drum Kit

TEENAGE ENGINEERING PO-28 Robot Pocket Operator Synth & Drum Kit

ELEKTRON DIGITAKT Eight Voice Drum Sequencer & Sampler

ELEKTRON DIGITAKT Eight Voice Drum Sequencer & Sampler


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Analog Drum Tone and Lots of Performance Potential

If you're looking for a true analog drum machine with amazing performance potential, check out the Arturia DrumBrute. Its 17 analog drum sound generators and a plethora of hands-on controls offer a ton of creative possibilities for everything from old-school techno and house to psytrance, dub, hip hop, and much more. The Steiner-Parker output filter delivers super-smooth HPF or LPF sweeps and can be bypassed with a single button press. Factor in the 12 individual audio outputs, and it's clear the Arturia DrumBrute is a powerful drum machine for both stage and studio.

Comes with 17 true analog drum sounds and 64-step sequencing

The Arturia DrumBrute packs 17 different drum sounds: kick 1, kick 2, snare, clap, hi-hat 1, hi-hat 2, conga hi, conga lo, tom hi, tom lo, maracas, rimshot, clave, tambourine, cymbal, reverse cymbal, and zap. Having two flavors of kick drum gives you a lot of flexibility in how you compose your grooves, and the unique analog reverse cymbal is a great way to transition between patterns. Speaking of patterns, the DrumBrute holds 64 patterns with up to 64 steps each.

Create complex polyrhythms

We've used a lot of drum machines at Sweetwater over the years, and we know that many don't offer much capability when it comes to polyrhythms. The Arturia DrumBrute allows each individual drum track to be any length you like, allowing you to create polyrhythms with any combination of drum sounds.

Perform with pattern effects, and chain patterns with Song Mode

The DrumBrute offers performance effects like Pattern Looper (for beat repeats) and Step Repeat (for looping glitch effects) that make it a great instrument to improvise with. Song Mode allows you to chain patterns together into a longer composition, further expanding your ability to perform with the DrumBrute.

Studio-ready with 12 individual audio outputs

Once you've created an awesome drum pattern on your drum machine and want to get it into your DAW software for processing or mixing, the last thing you want to do is have to record your drum pattern one drum sound at a time onto separate tracks - that gets old real fast. The Arturia DrumBrute offers 12 individual audio outputs (plus a master mix output), making it easy to record grooves into your computer as multitrack audio.

Create dynamic grooves with per-track swing, randomness, and accent

Swing and accent are two of the most common ways to add dynamic interest to a drum machine pattern. Accent is available on each track individually, as you'd expect. Swing can be applied to your pattern as a whole, and you can also apply different swing amounts to individual drum tracks if you choose. DrumBrute also has a randomness option, perfect for creating a more human feel - you can apply that globally or on a per-track basis too.

Arturia DrumBrute Analog Drum Machine Features:

  • True analog drum machine with 17 drum sounds
  • Drum sounds include kick 1, kick 2, snare, clap, hi-hat 1, hi-hat 2, conga hi, conga lo, tom hi, tom lo, maracas, rimshot, clave, tambourine, cymbal, reverse cymbal, and zap
  • Steiner-Parker output filter delivers ultra-smooth HPF and LPF sweeps
  • Stores up to 64 patterns, up to 64 steps each
  • Song Mode allows you to chain patterns for expanded compositions
  • Apply swing and randomness globally, or on a per-drum basis
  • Separate accent for each drum
  • Manipulate your patterns in real time with Step Repeat and Pattern Looper
  • Each track can have a different length, allowing you to create polyrhythms
  • 12 individual audio outputs make it easy to record your patterns as multitrack audio
  • Sync options include USB, MIDI, Clock, and Internal
  • Headphone output with 1/4" and 1/8" connectivity
Sounds : 17 drum instruments
Sequencer : 64 patterns (4 banks of 16) with 64 steps each
Outputs : 12 x 1/8" (individual drum outs), 1 x 1/4" (mix out), 1 x 1/4", 1 x 1/8" (headphones)
MIDI I/O : In/Out
Other I/O : 2 x 1/8" (clock in/out)
USB : 1 x Type B
Power : 12V DC power supply (included)
Height : 1.6"
Depth : 10.9"
Width : 16.5"
Weight : 6.3 lbs.


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