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FOCUSRITE SCARLETT Solo Gen 2 2in/2out Usb 2 Audio Interface

FOCUSRITE SCARLETT Solo Gen 2 2in/2out Usb 2 Audio Interface

ICONNECTIVITY ICONNECTAUDIO2+ Ultra-versitile 2x6 Audio & Midi Interface

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  • Catalog #: ICAUDIO-03

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Vancouver Store
728 Granville St.
Vancouver, BC, V6Z 1E4
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Coquitlam Store
2560 Barnet Hwy.,
#116 Coquitlam, BC, V3H 1W3
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Langley Store
19638 Fraser Highway
Langley, BC, V3A 4C5
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North Vancouver Store
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Surrey Store
#157-10090 152nd Street
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Richmond Store
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Richmond, BC, V6X 2B9
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Victoria Store
#105-2401D Millstream Road
Victoria, BC, V9B 3R5
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Nanaimo Store
#10-6894 Island Hwy. North
Nanaimo, BC, V9V 1P6
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So you open the box, and the first thing to strike you is how solidly this interface is built. It’s compact, but like all of iConnectivity’s rack-height units, it has some heft – it’s built to last, and it’s rugged enough to take with you.

Then you go to connect it, and you notice it’s bus-powered by a Mac or PC. That means you don’t need to bring along the optional power supply if you do take it out. The power supply is only necessary for charging an iPad (or iPhone, or other iOS device).

You make a discovery: you can set and control input and output levels right from the capacitive touch display on the front panel. It’s not even necessary to bring along a computer if you take the interface with you, say, to a live performance. And all the MIDI and routing is stored on the device.

Next, you see the jack for a Mac or PC, and another one for an iOS device – and note that they’re both active at the same time. Your mind starts to ponder all the ways you’ll integrate your iPad’s audio and MIDI into your setup…like using it as a guitar effects processor.

At this point you're jumping up and down with excitement, and you haven’t even heard how good it sounds. That’ll come later, when you’ll discover that the iConnectAUDIO2+ sounds good enough for professional recording sessions. But it was affordable enough for someone new to this. How did iConnectivity do it?

Anyway, you take a quick glance at the manual. Whoa! You’re blown away by how easy it is to set up MIDI and audio filtering/routing/mixing/merging scenes in the iConfig software (included) for Mac, PC, and iPads.

Ins and outs

Hook up your monitors, headphones, and… now we’re really getting super-ultra-versatile.

The combo inputs accept mics, synths, and instruments (guitar, bass). There’s enough gain to use dynamic mics from a distance without having to swallow them whole, and you can turn on phantom power for condenser mics.

The four line outs have as healthy a level as the inputs, they’re balanced, and – as with the headphone outs – each can have its own mix. If you’re a DJ, you appreciate the independent headphone mix; ditto if you’re feeding a headphone monitor mix to a musician in your studio. Or maybe you’re recording a voiceover for the video you’re making? Who knew you’d want to do that?

You might use those line outs for two pairs of speakers in your studio, or on stage for separate stage and monitor mixes. Sometimes you even get in the mood to use two outs to feed an external effects unit.

But wait - you’re also an electronic musician. For some extra spice, you decide send your analog synth track out to a guitar or keyboard amp, then mic it. It comes to life.

Ditto if you’re recording or playing a bass or electric guitar track dry. You wanted to maintain as many options as possible, so you send the dry track out to “re-amp” it through your guitar amp.

So there you have it: the ultra-versatile 2-in 6-out audio & MIDI Interface for musicians and DJs. It’s at home on stage, in the studio, on the go, and anywhere else your music takes you. 

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