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ROLAND CD-2U Sd/cd Desktop Recorder

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ZOOM Q4 Audio & Video Portable Recorder For Musicians

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Definite Sound. Singular Vision. The All-New Q4 - The Camera for Musicians

The world needs listeners and viewers, but it belongs to the creators.
The Zoom Q4 is all about bringing a new dimension to your music. It combines high-definition video with high-resolution audio, providing everything you need to shoot amazing videos with incredible sound. That means you'll never have to compromise on creativity.

The Sound Is The Scene
Without sound, our creations would fall flat. The Q4 delivers audio nuance and quality that far surpass that of any other video camera. Its built-in X/Y microphone allows you to create stunning stereo recordings that cover a wide area while still capturing sound sources in the center with clarity and definition.

Making Music - Aspire To Inspire
Use the Q4 to stream your performance, record on the road, or produce a high-quality demo, complete with video footage. Capture live concerts, auditions and band rehearsals with unique points of view. Create detailed video lessons — the Q4 is perfect for showing fingerings, bowings, and other playing techniques. Whatever your creative goal, the Q4 can help you achieve it.

Making Videos - Every Video Tells A Story
Tackle even the most challenging projects with ease, and let them live up to their full potential. Whatever the application — from YouTube video to indie film, music video to tutorial, video blog to streamed webcast — you can count on your Q4 to deliver powerful and evocative content.

Making News - Be In The Moment
The Q4’s ultra-compact size and portability make it ideal for conducting video interviews and capturing late-breaking news or documentary footage in the field. In addition, a wide range of compatible mounts makes it easy to shoot from any angle, giving your broadcasts a creative edge that other cameras simply cannot deliver.

Portable Video Redefined - High-Resolution Audio Meets High-Definition Video
Zoom products have long set the gold standard for portable audio. The all-new Q4 redefines the state of the art in portable video.

It’s All About The Experience
Professional videographers understand that the sound is as important as the scene. It’s not enough to capture the sound of the ocean — you have to be able to feel the water bubbling beneath your feet. The Q4 delivers exactly that kind of experience. Its unique blend of high-resolution 24-bit/96k audio with high-definition 1080p video means never having to compromise on quality.

X/Y Recording - Stunning Stereo Wherever You Go
The Q4’s wide angle X/Y microphone incorporates two matched unidirectional elements – mics that are especially sensitive to signal coming from directly in front, and less sensitive to signal coming from behind or from the sides. Advanced features such as the automatic/manual gain control and built-in low-cut filter, and the supplied windscreen allow you to capture great stereo sound both indoors and outdoors.

Expandability - Maximize Your Creative Output
The Q4’s mic/line level input and multiple outputs (micro HDMI, mini USB, and line-level/headphone jack with dedicated volume control) allows it to be easily interconnected with other audio and video equipment for full-on production capability.

Create The Best Video You've Ever Heard
Compelling imagery. Stunning sound. Whether you're a musician, a videographer, a broadcast journalist, or a video blogger, the Q4 allows you to take your creativity to the next level.

Making Music - Bring Your Audience Onstage
Musicians know that the best view is front stage, center. With the Q4, you can bring your audience right onstage with you, turning spectators into virtual participants. Craft music videos with startling realism, relive great performances over and over again, capture not just the sights and sounds but the complete experience.

Making Videos - A Fresh Perspective
The Q4 is optimized to go where the action is. Its compact size and detachable LCD make it the perfect spot-to-content camera. Selectable viewing angles and sensing options that automatically adapt to various lighting situations give you the flexibility you need to shoot content you couldn't otherwise access. Once you've got your raw footage captured, import it to your favorite video editor and create a masterpiece.

Making News - Be Seen. Be Heard.
Use your Q4 can as a live web camera or USB microphone. Report breaking news in the field, conduct video interviews, or create a personal blog on the spot. Connect it to your computer, select your favorite streaming software, and change the world.

Go Wherever Your Imagination Leads You
Feature-laden and fully equipped to handle even the most ambitious projects, you can count on your Q4 to deliver not only crisp video but also the great sound you'd expect from a Zoom product. Anywhere. Any time. Any place.

Audio Features - Never Compromise
The Q4's stereo X/Y microphone and support for high-resolution audio – up to 24-bit / 96 kHz – assure superior sound without compromise. Use the Q4 with your favorite DAW or editing software to further enhance your creativity. You've never heard a video camera sound this good!

Video Features - Take It To The Limit
The Q4’s versatile design and powerful feature set allows video creators to push the envelope. Its wide-angle lens and choice of video formats and frame rates allow the Q4 to record sharp, detailed images in any lighting environment, and its full-color rotating LCD – which can be detached during shooting for portability and extended battery life – provides a clear preview of each moment you capture.

Flexible Mounting - Look At The World A Little Differently
Compact, lightweight and compatible with both standard tripod and three-prong action camera mounts, you can use the Q4 anywhere your creative muse takes you. Mount it to a mic stand, clamp it to a guitar, place it anywhere onstage or in the rehearsal room. There's nothing like a change of perspective to liven up your creations.

Inputs, Outputs, USB - Get Connected
The Q4's LCD and built-in speaker allows instant monitoring of your recordings, but it also offers additional flexibility through its various connectors: a stereo 1/8" Mic/Line In jack, a stereo 1/8" Line Out/Headphone jack, a mini-HDMI video output, and a USB port. Make use of a wide range of devices to boost your production capabilities: connect, stream, and share.

Battery Life - Remarkable. Reliable. Rechargeable.
All you need to power the Q4 is the single supplied lithium-ion (Li-Ion) battery, which can be recharged with the use of an optional AC adapter or by connecting the Q4 to your computer via USB. Battery life is approximately three hours when shooting at 720p/30fps, or two hours when shooting high-definition 1080/30fps video, giving you the freedom to leave the studio behind and explore the world around you.

File Types - Multiple Formats For Maximum Versatility
The Q4 records directly to SDXC cards up to 128GB in a variety of video and audio file formats, making it fully adaptable for your needs. The three HD settings provide maximum video quality while the two WVGA options can be used to conserve SD card space. The Q4 supports two audio file formats: WAV, up to 24-bit/96k, for uncompressed full fidelity sound, or AAC to conserve space.

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