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PROPELLERHEADS REASON 10 Upg For Lite/intro/ltd/essentials/adapted Owners

PROPELLERHEADS REASON 10 Upg For Lite/intro/ltd/essentials/adapted Owners

BITWIG BITWIG Studio 2 Music Production Software (mac,win,linux)

BITWIG BITWIG Studio 2 Music Production Software (mac,win,linux)

STEINBERG SEQUEL 3 Music Creation Software (mac/win)

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Sequel 3 has everything you need to make your ideas fly and shine in the best most possible way. Plus, it’s easy to use: recording and performing music is as intuitive as you would like it to be, and comes with an array of quality recording and editing tools you wouldn’t expect in an entry-level workstation.

With Sequel, every time you flip on your Mac or PC, your computer turns into one massive sound studio: synthies, drum kits plus guitar amps, cabs and stomp boxes at your fingertips. Take it along to band practice, record the lot and head on back home to give it a professional makeover. The many tools at hand help you to adjust tempo, pitch and stretch audio or use the onboard effects to create insane sound combinations. By supporting Virtual Studio Technology, you can continue to add to the number of effects and instruments — providing endless possibilities, easily controlled using your MIDI keyboard. In fact, use MIDI to trigger parts of your arrangement when in performance mode and play your track in different ways.

It’s really an all-in-one solution — Sequel 3 lets you create, record and perform music, it also helps you on your way to become a star.

Rocking out of your computer has never been more fun. Grab your six-string, plug into your box running Sequel 3 and jam until your fingers fall off. Boasting an arsenal of virtual amps, speaker cabinets and effects pedals, the VST Amp Rack SE is one powerful guitar amp simulator that’ll dish out any gnarly sound you want.

One of the many Sequel features that make you go absolutely wild with your music is Tempo Detection: remix your track in real time or put together another mixtape of some of the long forgotten gems buried deep down within your music library.

But now for giving your tunes a serious groove: the Beat Page shows off a battery of opportunities thanks to its easy-to-use Groove Agent ONE and Beat Designer, great tools for creating custom beats that’ll stand out and set you above the rest. So powerful yet simple and straightforward to use and understand, Sequel 3 comes without  any restrictions to your creativity and lets you do what makes you happy, and that’s making music.

Overflowing with premium content that spans more than 5,000 loops and sounds, Sequel 3 lets you get started with making music in next to no time. Play a hook, add a bassline and give it some depth by choosing from the many available pads, all easily accessible through the acclaimed media management too, MediBay. Choose Step Envelopes to tweak loops or use élastique Pro, high-quality time stretching and pitch shifting tool, to adjust tempo and tone in stunning audio quality. 

Thanks to Virtual Studio Technology (VST), Sequel 3 includes an array of top-notch effects and instruments. And with VST boasting compatibility with all the high-end gear out there, you can pretty much hook up anything you like. Sequel 3 gives you studio-grade quality that everyone will hear and enjoy.

Top Features

  • All-in-one music production studio to create, record, mix and perform your music
  • Easy-to-learn one-window design for intuitive and enjoyable music creation
  • More than 5,000 high-quality loops and sounds from all genres
  • HALion Sonic SE, Groove Agent ONE and VST Amp Rack SE for authentic virtual music production
  • Full range of pro-audio effects to get the most out of your mix
  • One-click tempo detection for easily creating your own remixes
  • Performance Mode for on-the-fly arrangements and remarkable live mixes
  • Plug right into Sequel 3 with almost any hardware controller or keyboard, with easy setup thanks to new Controller Learn feature
  • AudioWarp with élastique Pro for high-quality time-stretching and pitch-shifting
  • Multi-take recording for stress-free recording sessions
  • Flexible and fast media management with integrated MediaBay
  • Step Envelopes for adding varied effects to your tracks
  • VST 3 support for third-party effect and instrument plug-ins
  • Cross-platform compatibility with Windows and Mac OS X

A fully loaded recording studio and performance tool together in one sleek piece of kit, Sequel 3 has the space you need to practice, produce  and perform music — in your bedroom, at friends, in the rehearsal room or even live at a club.


Just a few minutes will see you creating your own songs, even if you can’t play an instrument or don’t have any musical knowledge at all. Produce your own tracks in any musical style with over 5,000 outstanding loops and sounds. When more’s needed, expand your library with the many Sequel Content Sets you can buy and download immediately through the Steinberg Online Shop. And with the MediaBay browser you’ll find exactly the right sound or loop in just a few clicks. Preview sounds with your song playing and if it fits, just drag into the project.

The classy tools and latest technologies in Sequel 3 leave you to focus entirely on your creativity. The Beat Page is a dedicated area for meddling with beats, letting you create intricate rhythmical patterns through the perfect interaction between Groove Agent ONE and Beat Designer. Thanks to the latest Virtual Studio Technology (VST), Sequel 3 also includes top-notch instruments and effects, such as HALion Sonic SE with over 500 workstation sounds and the VST Amp Rack SE guitar amp simulator. 


Your own recording studio at your fingertips. Sequel 3 is the place where you can record and rearrange your vocals and instruments. Produce your song with your very own production style. Record MIDI and conventional instruments or your own vocals over and over again until you have the perfect take. Just switch to take mode and pick the part you like best from the list of recorded takes. 

And with tempo tapping and detection, high-quality time-stretching and pitch-shifting, Sequel always stays in the right key and never gets thrown out of rhythm. No recording engineer is better than you and Sequel.


A real hit needs a pro mix. After laying down your tracks it’s time to do just this — make your mix sound punchy, polished and ready for radio. Sequel has a full mixer including equalization on each track and heaps of effects including ones used by pros in their own studios. Its neat user interface lets you move and copy parts to arrange your song and make it sound the way you want it to. With Step Envelopes, draw and edit volume, pan, pitch, decay and reverse in selected parts. You can also automate many of the mixing settings like like the whole song’s volume level —  just sit back and let Sequel do the work. 


Want to surprise your friends at the next party with your own electro live-set? Sequel lets you play, rearrange, remix and record your music live, on stage or in a club. Just load up the 24 live performance pads with song sections and variations, and create your own song live. Click on a section or hit a key or button on a controller, loop it and fire off the next one. 

New in Sequel 3

It’s in the beat

The new Beat Page in Sequel 3 is the centerpiece for all your beats, rhythms and grooves. Harnessing the power of the Groove Agent ONE drum station and the Beat Designer step sequencer, the Beat Page gives you direct access to groovy drum sounds and easy programming of rhythmical patterns — all in one spot. Following the philosophy of legendary drum machines, the Beat Page combines simplicity and convenience to become the starting point of your creative productions. 

Bring your music to the stage

The Sequel 3 performance mode combines the advantages of linear and pattern-based workflows and lets you create and arrange your tracks in real time. Just define parts in your project which are then automatically assigned to the performance pads. Assign the pads to your MIDI controller or keyboard and trigger the patterns on the fly without missing a single beat. Break free and let the track evolve live on stage. And it just gets better: you can also record your performance, re-edit or export it back into your project.

The power of sound

Sequel 3 is equipped with a fine selection of high-quality instruments and effects for your production. The HALion Sonic SE sound workstation provides you with more than 500 sounds and instruments for all kinds of musical styles — from analog instruments to synthetic pads, leads and basses. Groove Agent ONE adds authentic drum sounds to your tracks and brings the groove into your productions. For guitarists, Sequel 3 includes the VST Amp Rack SE that turns your computer into a legendary amplifier. Even third-party VST 3 plug-ins can now be integrated into Sequel 3.

Make your own mix

Have you ever wanted to create a mix of your favorite track? Sequel 3 is the perfect tool. Just drag a song from your MP3 library into your project and let Sequel 3 detect the tempo of the track. Now you can easily create loops, change the arrangement and use the included effects to add your personal touch to the tracks. The Step Envelopes editor in Sequel 3 allows you to easily modulate your audio tracks with reverse, stutter or pitch effects that will make your remix creatively remarkable. 

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