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KORG NANOPAD2-WH Usb Drum Pad Controller (16 Pads)

KORG NANOPAD2-WH Usb Drum Pad Controller (16 Pads)

AKAI MPC Studio Compact Mpc Controller With 16 Pads

AKAI MPC Studio Compact Mpc Controller With 16 Pads

AVID ARTIST Series Control V2 Mixer Control Surface

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Artist Control is a compact 4-fader control surface with a built in touchscreen that offers unmatched integration and programmability to accelerate editing and mixing tasks in any EUCON-enabled audio or video application. Speed up and enhance your workflow with functionality far beyond what a mouse and keyboard can provide, so you can focus on being creative.

Artist Control brings the unparalleled speed, resolution and DAW integration of Avid's high-end pro consoles to the personal studio in a revolutionary ergonomic, slim-line design. Artist Control fits perfectly between keyboard and screen, and can be connected to additional Artist Mix units to create a larger mixing control surface

Artist Control is loaded with power features to speed up and enhance your creativity with any media application.

Effortlessly switch between multiple applications and workstations at the touch of a button.

The Artist Control's high-resolution touch-screen interface, motorized faders and arsenal of rotary encoders, soft keys and transport controls instantly snap to the selected application to put multi-format metering, plug-in parameters, track information and much more at your fingertips.

Most importantly, software developers like Apple, Steinberg, MOTU and others have worked closely to integrate native support for Avid's EuCon control protocol into their DAWs to deliver an unmatched editing and mixing experience.


  • Customizable Touch-screen Interface 
  • Record/Automation Keys 
  • Select/Assign Keys 
  • Function Keys (Shift Keys) 
  • Ethernet Port 
  • Footswitch Jack 
  • Transport Controls Jog/Shuttle/Zoom Wheel 
  • Track Navigation 
  • Application/Workstation Change 
  • Monitor/Control Room Level 
  • Assignable Soft Keys (12) 
  • Touch-sensitive Rotary Encoders (8) 
  • Touch-sensitive Motorized Faders (4)

EuCon is a high speed Ethernet control protocol developed by Euphonix that allows the Artist Mix to connect to any Mac OS X application. EuCon carries control information for faders, knobs, displays and more between the Artist Mix and whatever application is in focus on your computer.

EuCon is MIDI on steroids and is the next generation control protocol for working with music and video applications.

The EuControl application manages the Artist Mix's connection to the Mac, and the Artist Client application connects the EuCon control data to all the applications. The Artist Mix can connect to any application, but for fader and knob control, the application must be able to support either EuCon, HUI, or Mackie Control protocol.

Supported DAWs include:

  • Logic Pro 
  • Final Cut Pro 
  • Soundtrack Pro 
  • Cubase 
  • Nuendo 
  • Digital Performer 
  • Pro Tools 
  • Reason 
  • Live 
  • and more...

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