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DUCKS DELUXE THE Practical Guitar Chord & Fretboard Chart

DUCKS DELUXE THE Practical Guitar Chord & Fretboard Chart

HAL LEONARD EASY Pop Rhythms 3rd Edition Guitar Method Book W/ Audio Access

HAL LEONARD EASY Pop Rhythms 3rd Edition Guitar Method Book W/ Audio Access

DUCKS DELUXE ONE Page Nashville # System/harmony/theory Chart

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O.K ... so you finally found the key that the singer can handle after burning hours of studio time - but - now the rhythm guitar player can't figure out where the 6 minor chord is, if the key of F# is the one ?? - and the keyboard player can't figure out which notes make up the 3 minor chord in the chorus ?- and you are now starting to feel that your plans for stardom are rapidly being derailed ?? - ... now is not the time to stand there and blink with your mouth open ... gloss over gawking at the rest of them, ... start to choke .. and then meek out by saying "I don't know" ... ... if that what's bothering you ... Fear Not !! ... "THE ONE PAGE NASHVILLE # SYSTEM, CHORD BUILDING, HARMONY, MUSIC THEORY POSTER" to the rescue ! - - just follow the Colorband from the key you are in now - around to the key you want the song to be in - and play the same progression - there you have it !! - transposing has never been easier  ...

Modulations ?? ... same thing ... just follow the Color band around to the key you want ... use the same Colors in the same order as the original progression and there you are !!

No music reading is necessary to use the "One Page Nashville # System / Chord Building / Harmony / Music Theory Poster"

Unique "Color-coded" "Dial" makes everything from transposing, song and chord construction, the scales of the Modes, solo improvisation, modulations, the Nashville Number System and more understandable.

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