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FISHMAN PRO-TRP-301 Tripleplay Wireless Midi Guitar Controller

FISHMAN PRO-TRP-301 Tripleplay Wireless Midi Guitar Controller

BEHRINGER XENYX1002B 10-input 2-bus Mixer With Battery Operation

BEHRINGER XENYX1002B 10-input 2-bus Mixer With Battery Operation

TOFT AUDIO DESIGNS ATB 16a 16-channel Analog Mixing Console

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An updated take on the legendary Trident Series 80 by Mr. Toft himself.

The Toft Audio Designs ATB-16A is an analog mixing console designed by Malcom Toft, the designer of the original Trident Series 80 console. Over the years, the Trident Series 80 console has been praised time and time again for its excellent quality, pristine accuracy, and most of all, its equalizer-widely considered to be among the best and most musical-sounding EQs. This powerful combination produced an enormous amount of hit records and is still revered as one of the best analog recording consoles made to date. The Series 80 boards have been redesigned by the original designer himself, Malcolm Toft. The end result is the new Toft ATB Series Consoles.

The Toft ATB-16A Console packs the same powerful equalizer that was used on the Trident Series 80 boards. The ATB's EQ section is regarded as one of the best sounding Equalizers on the market today. The super musical 4-band EQ on the Toft ATB unleashes all your creativity without any limits.

Through and through, the Toft ATB Console was designed for professional use. It went through countless grueling tests to meet Toft's rigorous standards. For this reason, the ATB console is trusted and used by the some of the best engineers and producers around the world. There is nothing stopping you from tracking a platinum album with the ATB Series Consoles. The ATB16 is ideal for a pro with limited space who needs a high-end console.

The Toft ATB Series Console is loaded with a master control section only seen in more expensive, high-end recording consoles. The ATB features super-accurate meters (L/R main VU, LED in master section), a wide range of routing capabilities, and talkback function to the 8-bus mixdown section. From top to bottom, you have everything you'll need to take control of your mix and produce the best possible recording.

Whether you are in a project studio or a major recording facility, the ATB is sure to impress even the most demanding critics. No doubt about it, the Toft ATB console is a professional's dream come to life.

Optional meter bridge

If you require the visual I/O reference that can only come with a meter bridge, Toft offers the ATB16-MB VU meter bridge for the ATB-16A. Please see item# 501834.

The legacy of the Trident Series 80 console

The story of the Trident Series 80 is an interesting one. Initially, Malcolm Toft and Barry Porter designed the Trident A Range console for London's Trident Studios, where David Bowie, Queen, the Beatles, and James Taylor recorded some of their biggest hits (with Toft at the board). The A Range console was also produced for sale. (As anyone with years of platinum records under their belt will tell you, the Trident A range is rock and roll.) Though only 13 were actually built for commercial sale, the A Range spawned an entire generation of consoles, and many hit records were tracked and mixed on its direct descendant, the Trident Series 80. Today, Toft is still building consoles based on the Series 80, including the Series 980, which was used to record the last three Radiohead releases.


  • 16 premium channel strip modules
  • 8 mix buses with outputs
  • Direct Outs on every channel
  • Inline Monitoring for every input channel strip
  • Additional 8 Monitor Returns in Group Section
  • Vintage Series 80 EQ for every input channel
  • 6 Aux Sends on every input channel strip
  • 8 fully dedicated Stereo Aux Returns
  • Super-accurate 12-stage LED meter
  • Optional meter bridge
  • Optional 24/192k FireWire card


  • Microphone input impedance: >1.2kOhm balanced
  • Line input impedance: >15kOhm electronically balanced
  • Line output impedance: <100 ohms balanced/unbalanced
  • Microphone Gain: 70dB
  • Line Gain: -16 to +30dB
  • Microphone input noise: <-128dBu ref 150 ohm (20Hz-20kHz)
  • Line input noise: <-75dBu (EQ In, 20Hz-20kHz)
  • Maximum mic input level: <+24dBu at all frequencies
  • Maximum line input level: <+24dBu at all frequencies
  • Dimensions: 31" W x 5" H x 22-1/2"D

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