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Who Should Go to the Music Education Fair?

If you’re interested in a music career as a performer, composer or teacher.  Or if you just want to advance  your musical knowledge from traditional music studies in classical performance, music education, composition, music theory, history, musicology, and ethnomusicology ... to studies in jazz, world music, film music, musical theatre, music technology, and cutting-edge studies of music innovation, experimentation, interdisciplinary, new media, and eclectic music  programs, then this is your chance to meet professionals who can help you in one location, in one day.



Saturday Feb 15th, 2014 @ Tom Lee Music


Don't miss this chance to get to know and talk to some of BC's Post Secondary Music Universities, Colleges, Academies and Conservatories in one day, all in one location, at the annual ‘Post Secondary Music Education Fair’ at Tom Lee Music on Saturday Feb 15th, 2014, 11am to 5pm.

Your personal invitation to meet representatives from the following institutions: