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  • Netherlands Liberation Celebration

    A celebration took place earlier this month at the HMCS Discovery in Stanley Park to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the liberation of the Netherlands, which Canada played crucial role in. It was an honour to provide a Steinway Piano for such an important occasion.

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    2015-05-22 23:45:41
  • Vancouver Luxury Home & Design Show

    Earlier this month, we were very happy to be a part of The 2015 Luxury Home & Design Show, the only one of its kind in Canada. The elegance of Steinway Pianos blended together in perfect harmony with the unparalleled innovation behind all of the luxury designs on display.

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    2015-05-19 22:38:40
  • McLaren 570S Unveilling

    Luxury auto lovers were pleasantly surprised when McLaren unveiled the new 570S, which made its Vancouver appearance as part of its North American tour. The evening was rich with jazz music, which was performed on the brilliantly finished Bubinga Steinway Crown Jewel Grand Piano.

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    2015-05-05 18:22:56
  • FUSE – The Noise of Silence

    Vancouver’s hottest art party returned on April 24th, with a brand new collection of art pieces on display. The name FUSE couldn’t be any more appropriate, as the night featured an infusion of inspiring art and compelling music, including a dynamic piano performance by Rachel Iwaasa on a Steinway Grand.

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    2015-05-01 20:10:53
  • Circle of Hope Dinner

    The International China Concern put on their fourth annual Circle of Hope Dinner last week, which featured a performance by award-winning violinist and ICC Ambassador, Ning Kam.

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    2015-04-27 23:31:29
  • Patrick Chan at the Richmond Oval

    Figure skating champion Patrick Chan was at the Richmond Oval last week for a ceremony announcing the latest addition to ASPAC’s new residential project in Richmond. Not only did he put on a marvellous display on the ice, but he also wowed the crowds when he took some time to play on our Steinway Piano.

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    2015-04-23 23:38:27
  • Aspac and Montecristo Premiere Event

    VIPs from throughout the lower mainland came together under the roof of the River Green Presentation Centre, to enjoy champagne, wine, chocolate, and romantic jazz music played on a Steinway Piano.

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    2015-04-17 23:06:46
  • Sakura Benefit Concert & Dinner

    The Nikkei Place Foundation hosted a very intimate concert and dinner earlier this month. The first ever Sakura Benefit, featuring an exquisite performance by Japanese pop star Kohmi Hirose, left all guests feeling musically satiated upon night’s end.

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    2015-04-13 22:30:54
  • The Ironworks Sessions – Part 1

    Vancouver’s iconic Ironworks Studio hosted Steinway Artist Jane Coop and her brilliant idea of having a series of musical performances featuring an unusual yet gorgeous repertoire, as the first part of the Ironworks Sessions came to a close last week. 
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    2015-04-08 20:38:30
  • 2015 Bridge to SUCCESS Gala

    The high-profile Bridge to S.U.C.C.E.S.S Gala took place last week, which featured a headline performance from Hong Kong’s “Queen of Jazz”, Bianca Wu, who made her long and eagerly awaited return to Vancouver.

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    2015-04-07 20:49:19
  • Vancouver International Auto Show 2015

    There was a marvelous blend of automobile excellence and music during the Vancouver International Auto Show, which concluded this weekend.

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    2015-04-01 21:19:11
  • VSO Presents: Lang Lang

    Vancouverites were absolutely thrilled as Lang Lang made his long awaited and highly anticipated return to the city to perform compositions by Mozart on the Steinway D Concert Grand.

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    2015-03-21 00:57:22
  • International Day of Happiness puts Music in the Spotlight

    In celebration of the International Day of Happiness, we spent some time with CTV National News Vancouver Bureau Chief, Melanie Nagy to show Canadians what happiness sounds like.

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    2015-03-20 19:10:23
  • 101 Pianists: Onstage with Lang Lang

    100 Vancouver piano students had the chance of a lifetime, as they performed alongside legendary Steinway Artist Lang Lang and VSO Artistic Director Bramwell Tovey at the Orpheum Theatre this week.

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    2015-03-19 18:37:24