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  • St. George's Afternoon Tea

    Parents and teachers of St George’s School enjoyed an elegant afternoon with coffee, tea, treats and Steinway Christmas music.

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    2014-12-10 20:44:37
  • Melody of Winter Charity

    Last week, members of the Steinway Young Artists Program wowed the community at Century House with breathtaking classical music. From Beethoven to Rachmaninoff, there was a diverse and extensive selection of compositions, all to help children with special needs in British Columbia.

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    2014-12-09 01:32:40
  • Chimo Fundraising Gala

    Members of the community and local celebrities congregated last week at BIRKS for a great cause - to raise money and support safe environments for women and children who are trying to flee from domestic abuse.

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    2014-12-04 22:15:53
  • Swarovski Christmas Tree Lighting

    Vancouver’s Rosewood Hotel Georgia decorated its 12-foot Christmas tree with 2,100 LED lights and two hundred 2014 special edition Swarovski crystal ornaments. It was the perfect moment to play Christmas music on a Steinway piano!

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    2014-11-28 23:20:36
  • EGRC Charity Shopping Night

    Members from EGRC charities, Black & Gold, and Tom Lee Music visited famous shopping boutique, Holt Renfrew earlier this week to take part in the EGRC Charity Shopping Night, with a portion of the proceeds benefiting the EGRC.

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    2014-11-28 22:46:35
  • The Bid Into the Night Fundraiser

    A fantastic social fundraiser took place at York House School in Shaughnessy, and we were absolutely thrilled to provide a Steinway Kewazinga Bubinga Crown Jewel for such a wonderful event!

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    2014-11-21 22:05:08
  • BC Cancer Foundation Partners in Discovery Inspiration Gala

    Records were broken last weekend, as over five million dollars was raised to support the BC Cancer Agency’s Personalized Onco-Genomics Program (POG) during the 10th annual Inspiration Gala. We were more than thrilled to be able to provide Steinway pianos for such a wondrous occasion!

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    2014-11-05 01:01:53
  • The Forbidden City Exhibition at the Vancouver Art Gallery

    A century-old brand of piano was quite an appropriate contrast as a celebration was held to honor of the ancient "Forgotten City" exhibition at the Vancouver Art Gallery.

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    2014-10-25 00:08:12
  • Children's Wish Charity at Holt Renfrew

    Entrancing music was played on a white Steinway while people browsed, snapped photos, and selected trendy new pieces of footwear to add to their collection - all while raising money for a fantastic cause!

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    2014-10-23 21:09:54
  • Vancouver Home & Design Show

    Yamaha pianos attracted a large crowd throughout the weekend, as the public gathered around to play, listen, and experience some of the latest models at the Vancouver Home + Design Show.

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    2014-10-22 00:20:29
  • M&P Thanksgiving Party

    People came together under a rustic sunset to mingle, dine on delicious appetizers, tour the many elegant and luxurious yachts, and enjoy beautifully serene music played on the compact Yamaha Modus piano.

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    2014-10-20 22:02:29
  • Winter Wonderland at the Rosewood Hotel Georgia

    Autumn has arrived and that means only one thing – Winter is right around the corner! 

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    2014-10-14 23:19:39
  • Interior Design Show West

    This weekend, interior design aficionados gathered from all over to experience the latest and most fashionable residential design products.

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    2014-09-29 20:57:01
  • Monogram Dinner by Design

    150 VIP interior designers, decorators and other members of the design community enjoyed delicious wine and exquisite food in an extraordinary environment over the past two nights for the second annual Monogram Dinner by Design in Vancouver

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    2014-09-23 18:29:51