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Theory Lessons in Spring!

Music Theory is the language of music, an essential part of musical training. Tom Lee Music Academy offered private , semi-private, as well as group classes for all levels of music.

Subjects Offered:               Rudiments  (Basic, Intermediate, Advanced)

                                                Harmony ( I, II, III)

                                                History (I (Musical Overview); II (Early Music); III (Modern Music))




Lesson Format:                  Private : need to book appointment with individual teacher

                                                Semi-private: need to book appointment with individual teacher

                                                Group Lesson – check for posted schedule on web or in school


Some classes will be by term, and some classes will be a full year.  Please check with the administrator as what format you want to choose.


Tuition Fees:                         Private: $46 per hour

                                                Semi-private: $24 per hour

                                                Group: $20 per hour for Rudiments Class

                                                $22 per hour for Theory classes other than Rudiments


Extra Fees: Books and Material

Registration Fees 

Exam Registration Fees



Vancouver Academy:

Course                                       Day       Time                       Dates                       Instructor

Basic Rudiments                     Sun      3:30-4:30pm         Jan 12 - May 4          Kelly Bao

Advance Rudiments                Sun      4:30-5:30pm          Jan 12 - May 4          Kelly Bao

Harmony I                                  Sun      12:30-2:00pm         Jan 12 - May 4          Kelly Bao 


Call 604-688-8929 or visit   929 Granville Street, Vancouver to register!


Richmond Academy:

Course                                      Day   Time                    Dates                    Instructor

Basic Rudiments                    Fri     4:30-5:45pm      Jan 31-May 2        Terry Yeh

Intermediate Rudiments       Fri     5:45-7:15pm       Jan 31-May 2        Terry Yeh

Advanced Rudiments            Fri     7:30-9:00pm        Jan 31-May 2        Terry Yeh


Intermediate Rudiments      Sat    6:30-8:00pm         Feb 1-May 3         Shantha Gunasekera


History I                                   Mon   5:30-7:00pm        Jan 13-May 5         Jennie Chen

History II                                  Mon   4:00-5:30pm        Jan 13-May 5         Jennie Chen

Harmony I                              Thurs  5:30-7:00pm       Jan 9-May 8           Jennie Chen

Harmony II                             Thurs  4:00-5:30pm       Jan 9-May 8          Jennie Chen 


History II                                  Sat     1:30-3:00pm        Jan 11-May 3         Dr. Ross Braes

Harmony II                              Sat     3:00-4:30pm       Jan 11-May 3          Dr. Ross Braes

Counterpoint 4                       Sat     4:30-5:30pm       Jan 11-May 3         Dr. Ross Braes


Semi-private lessons or private lessons are also available.  

Call 604-273-6661 or visit 150-3631 No. 3 Road, Richmond to register!

Coquitlam Academy

Basic Rudiments              Thursdays or Fridays or Saturdays    5:00-6:00pm    Amy Poh

Intermediate Rudiments    Thursdays or Fridays or Saturdays    5:00-6:00pm    Amy Poh

Advanced Rudiments        Thursdays or Fridays or Saturdays    5:00-6:00pm    Amy Poh

Lesson Format: group, semi-private or private

Call 604-941-8447 or visit 104-2635 Barnet Highway, Coquitlam to register!

North Vancouver Academy

Basic Rudiments             Sundays     1:30-2:30pm           Feb 2 - May 4        Leona Cheveldave

Intermediate Rudiments    Sundays     2:30-3:45pm          Feb 2 - May 4        Leona Cheveldave

Advanced Rudiments        Sundays     3:45-5:00pm          Feb 2 - May 4        Leona Cheveldave

Lesson Format: Group lessons or semi-private

Call 604-988-9974 or visit 800-801 Marine Drive, North Vancouver to register!