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Private Instrumental Lessons

Private lessons are offered on a wide range of instruments for students of all ages and ability levels. Tom Lee Music Academy has a group of experienced and dedicated teachers here to assist you on your musical journey.

Special Rate for full year enrollment, details please refer to Tuition Fee Schedule 2013-2014.

Schedules: Please call School Administrator for updated schedules.

Semi-Private Lessons may be arranged. Please call 604.688.8929 or contact us to register.

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Featuring Professor Henri-Paul Sicsic

from Piano Master John Perry, " artist of unquestionable musical imagination and phenomenal communicative gifts,"


Beginner, intermediate, and advanced students are taught one on one, to gain the highest possible level of achievement. Our Academy has a reputation for high marks in exams as well as performance awards in community competitions. 


Tom Lee Music has been providing Guitar and Bass Guitar instruction to students and guitar enthusiasts for over ten years now. There are a variety of classes available in both private or group settings and are lead by instructors who are also some of Vancouver's most respected players and teachers. 


Drum lessons are offered at all six Tom Lee Music Academy locations throughout the lower mainland.  All of our teachers are selected from a large group of applicants. They are skilled, dedicated and draw from their experience in the music business.  If you are a Beginner - you are patiently taught a well rounded curriculum. You will learn the basics of reading, rudiments and styles common to today's music.

Course Fees:

$ 27 per 30 minutes

Tom Lee Music Academy presents the Band Instrument Program featuring lessons for Brass instruments and Woodwind Instruments.Improve your instrumental ability with our specialized training program available in beginner or advanced levels.


Music theory is the study of how music works.  It examines the notation and language of music.  Some elements of music are rhythm, melody, structure, harmony, and texture.  Music theory can help musicians learn new techniques, perform unfamiliar styles of music, and develop the confidence to try new things.  Every musician can benefit from learning the fundamentals of theory to further their understanding of the music they play.

Have you always wanted to burst out in song or sing freely on the street? The voice is the most powerful natural instrument we have. Learning to sing is a great way to express music from within. Our highly trained vocal instructors will help students overcome shyness and develop essential techniques to bring out the voice. Anyone can learn to sing!


Teachers focus on breaking down the technique of how to play into digestible steps while building toward the end goal of playing your favourite song. With the years of training, performance and teaching experience, their expertise will lead to many shared tricks and tools to help make playing easier, more enjoyable and fun! 


8 Item(s)