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Special Group Programs

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This fun group class is open to students who play trumpets, saxophones, trombones, bass, keyboard and drum.

If you play guitar, bass, or drums, you don’t want to miss this amazing chance to put all your hard work and practicing into action! A three week adult program aimed to help you flex your rock muscles and bring out the inner guitar or drum legend in you.

String Ensembles

This is a fun course where you can meet and play with other Strings players.  Selections of Baroque and Classical repertoires will be learned.  Lots of performance opportunities throughout the course.

Jan 15 - Apr 9 (12)

Thursday evening, 7:00PM - 8:00PM

Surrey Location

Learn to play Percussions in groups

Experience the fun learning different rhythms with different kinds of instruments.  Cajon and Djembe will be used in this term.  Enjoy the fun to play with your peers.

Learn to play violin with your peers together.

 Available in Surrey and Richmond location.  


Learn to play Ukulele in groups.

Classes available in Vancouver location.

Please call the Academy for further details.

Adult Group Voices Class!

Learning to sing is a great way to express music from within. Our highly trained vocal instructors will help students overcome shyness and develop essential techniques to bring out the voice.

Vocal lessons available in private, semi-private or group lessons.

Adult Group Keyboard Class

Availabile in Vancouver Location.

Learn to play Guitar in Group Lessons.

Have fun to learn Guitar with a friend and your peers.


Learn to Play Drum Today !

Learn to play drum in either group lessons, semi-private lessons or private lessons.

 You may choose to join the speical Yamaha Group Drum course. The Yamaha method is a well-structured Drum program which allows students to learn and progress systematically.  Yamaha Drum Exams are offered at the end of each year.

Chinese Guitar with Thomas Pang




Dave Martone Group Guitar

Learn to play Guitar with Dave Martone



If you play guitar, electronic guitar, drums, or if you sing, you don’t want to miss this amazing chance to put all your hard work and practicing into action! From instrument sectionals, to band coaching, a big pizza party and a live rock concert at the end of the week. You’ll get to feel like a rock star on our Tom Lee Music Hall stage!

Rock Warrior 

Do you envision yourself in a band?  Playing in a venue where you’re the rock star in front of a crowd?  This course is for adults who have some basic foundation in a band instrument (guitar, bass guitar, drums, acoustic, vocals, violin and/or keyboard)

This program will provide opportunities for piano students to play with their friends in duets (one piano, 4 hands), duos (2 pianos, 4 hands), trios (1 piano ,6 hands) and quartets ( 2 pianos, 8 hands).  Students will be grouped and coached by their teachers according to their age and level.  Performance opportunities will be organized by the school in different events and concerts.  Students will participate in Christmas Concert, Spring Musician Club Concert as well as the Year End Concert.

Learn to sing in a group is fun! Our instructor will teach you basics of breathing, vocal techniques to bring out your voice.  Students are motivated to participate in our Christmas Concert, Spring Concert as well as the Year End Concert.

16 Item(s)