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A Night of Original Music Recital


 Mr. Glenn David, Gene’s high school Music teacher said: 

"In my forty years of teaching high school music, Gene was the only student that had the desire to pursue music composition and possessed the necessary theory skills to follow through.  Also, having a playing knowledge of several instruments allows her  to consider their suitability  for her compositions.  Gene appreciates the universality of music and its power to draw humanity together in the true spirit of love, compassion and brotherhood. Listen carefully and you’ll feel the love.”

Gene's new and original compositions that she has composed for Nov 2 pre concert recitals at Tom Lee Music Vancouver:

1-Winter Journey

2-Nomadic Tale 

3-Lilly of the Valley

4Viola Piano Duet


6-Caravan on the Silk Road


For Tom Lee Music Coquitalm Nov 16:

1-winter Journey

2-Nomadic tale 

3-Lilly of the Valley

4-Suite d’insectes

5-Caravan on the Silk Road

6-Cherry Blossom 

7-Moonlit Waltz


For the concert at Evergreen Cultural Centre for November 29:

1-Songs of the Sailor

2-Piano, cello and violin trio

3-Voila piano duet

4-Suites d’insectes


Over all Gene has composed 50 original compositions. Her most recent compositions like viola piano duet that she is going to perform for the first time at Tom Lee Music is 15 minutes, Suite d’Insectes 12 minutes, Piano trio for violin and cello 23 minutes, Song of the Sailor 20 minutes, Viola piano duet 15 minutes. 

 Gene is an emotional and deep young woman. Gene is an avid reader. For past several years she has read many books concerning modern and ancient history and civilization. She also loves China the country that she was born and her mother and grandparents come from. Of course her reading and knowledge has deeply influenced her music. In regards to her concept and her thematic approach, she says the following:

 “Concerning my concept about composition, I love to compose classical music. Some might call me a bit ‘traditional’ and sentimental as my concept about music has deep roots in history and romanticism. It seems to me, that there never has been a beginning, and there will never be an end in creating classical music. Also I believe in a kind of international music that transcends frontiers, countries and nationalities. Hence, through music, I want to learn and connect to every country, nation, tribe or people. For the above reasons I call my music: Music Link with Humanity. My criteria for good music are straight forward and very simple. The essential point is that if the music (from anywhere in the world, any epoch or any genre) touches the heart, then that music is really good.”

Concerning her inspiration and the motivating factor to compose music, Gene says the following:

“I believe that the music of the 21st century should have a definite link with humanity and human aspirations. I also think our world is becoming ever smaller and people are connected with each other as never before. Hence, I write my music with the goal of expressing the aspirations, hope, happiness and the suffering of my fellow man. Our world has so many cultures; there are great treasures of untapped music that need to be discovered. Even a seemingly simple melody sang by a mother to a child of faraway tribe has its history; uniqueness and beauty that I want to connect with. However, we live in a world that has many problems. As a young composer, I feel that I have a very special task: to uphold not only the authenticity of the classical style but also to remain loyal to the aforementioned concept and never abandon this path.

All my music so far and without exception carries a certain message of profound love for peace, fraternity and harmony.  I want my music to inspire people, to give them hope and show them that life in its every single moment has a great aim and a beautiful destination.”

 And lastly Gene says the following concerning her dream about music:

“My dream for composition is to continue to compose for the rest of my life. My past compositions, like Genghis Khan, Tears of Nanjing, Cherry Blossom, Death of a Hero, Call of the Reed, Esmeralda’s Dance, etc… deal with very deep emotions in regards to the suffering due to war or sacrifices and challenges that humanity has faced. They have laid the foundation concerning my goal and style in music. Also, my compositions Yangtze River, Antarctic, Sailor’s Lullaby and other pieces such as these, talk about my concern for the environment and saving our planet. My compositions Glorious Morning, Finch, Ocean Breeze etc.. speak about a very beautiful and happy world. It is full of optimism and hope for the future. I am totally devoted and determined to continue on this path. My dream is to reach out to the hearts of millions of people in our small world who would like to listen to my music.”

 For instance look at the explanation concerning her original composition: Death of a Hero:

Death of A Hero is a very sad piece. However, the Hero by his death is pointing towards a bright future. He strongly believes that his cause is just. He is confident, that others will carry on with his noble dream. For him, it is an expression of complete defiance in the face of the superior adversary, knowing that his death is absolutely necessary. He chooses to die with a great sense of dignity and confidence. Here, he turns defeat to victory and at once becomes immortal. Just like the death of Spartacus or Socrates.

 The last part seems a bit 'long', but, I intentionally wanted to do that. The 'song'- like a ship, in the middle of a current in deep ocean, carries me away. Like being in a trance, I wanted to show, unbeknownst to the adversary, the defeated Hero, is in fact, victorious. Death here, just like a torch in darkness opens the path. For someone who is not aware of the drama, it may sound a bit long and repetitious, but not for me, or for those who can relate to it emotionally. I somehow imagined, while composing this piece that I have been given the torch by the hero and I am the one who must carry it in darkness. The constantly burning flame is a necessity, to traverse the dark path. Just like repetitions of heart beats that are never too many, too long or boring. Or, like a fish that does not become tired of water. I want to say to the dying Hero: rest assured, you'll never die. We'll carry forward the torch that you have held high. We would never give up or abandon your dream. Please die in peace great Hero! I would like to point out that this piece for me is extremely emotional. 'Death of A Hero' is the expression of hope, optimism and a promise. It is a promise against the prevalent current situation in our world. The future is bright; humanity will certainly prevail, and one day, it will find its way to ultimate justice, peace, freedom, harmony, brotherhood, and happiness. I want to, with a deep sense of empathy, convey this message.

 Or concerning the Caravan on the Silk Road she says:

 The Silk Road extends 7,000 to 10,000 km and it's over 2,000 years old. It is probably the longest road in the world. It connected the great civilizations of China, India, Persia, Arabia and Europe. Camel Caravans were the main source of transportation to travel the long and arduous journey. The Silk Road is truly a very unique passage in the history of mankind, of which there is no equal. It has brought people of different regions, from distant lands, countries and races together. It was like an international free highway with no borders. The "Caravan on the Silk Road" expresses a dream about a long and mysterious journey of two millenniums. It talks about stories of untold tales, challenges, hope, despair and the memories of those (caravans and people) who traversed the ancient road. It's also a dream about a just, free, peaceful, harmonious, prosperous, happy and beautiful world without boundaries.

 I want to take this opportunity to thank Tom Lee Music for the generous gesture in providing their concert hall in down town location as well as the piano hall in Coqitlam for my Pre-concert recitals. In fact, I recall many years ago, as a child I studied piano at Tom Lee Music and I have a very fond memory of my time there. Now, as an old student, I am very proud to come back and perform my original compositions at the same place that I learned to play piano. Thank you Tom Lee Music.