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Tom Lee Music School Band Instrument Rental 2014 / 2015


Please click the following link to view our Band Instrument Program 2014/2015 brochure in your preferred language.

Click here to download our Rental Agreement Form. Please complete the personal information section and bring in along with 2 pieces of ID & 2 personal cheques or credit card, to any of our stores for quick rental processing.

The Tom Lee Band Instrument Program makes it easy to RENT or PURCHASE an instrument. Here are some of our benefits:


Tom Lee Music features quality instruments from the best manufacturers in the world including Yamaha, Jupiter, Selmer, Bach, Buffet and Fujiyama. Many of these instruments are suitable for all players. We have requested additional features such as high F# keys for alto saxophones, adjustable thumb rests for clarinets, and thumb hooks for trumpets. These are minor details, but they make initial playing more fun and enjoyable.

Yamaha is widely recognized as the leading band instrument manufacturer for their consistent sound and playability and incredible resale value. Their student level instruments boast many of the same features found in their intermediate and professional level instruments and are a great long term investment in your child's musical future.

Instruments made by Jupiter Musical Instruments are famous for their tonal quality and rugged construction. Jupiter Canada supports all their products with a 6 year limited warranty.

Our String instruments are designed to be easy to play. They all come well equipped with quality wood bows and hard shell cases.

Our in-house service department provides highly skilled technicians who will ensure the proper servicing of your instrument.


The purchase program offers you the best value in acquiring an instrument.  Please check in-store for details.

Tom Lee Music will also include a care kit, a music folder, and a foldable music stand with your instrument purchase.

If there is no further need for the instrument, you are always welcome to return the instrument and accessories in good condition, less normal wear and tear, to any of Tom Lee Music’s local branches for a full refund. We will only deduct a rental amount equivalent to the number of months that you have used the instrument. Minimum rental charge is 3 months.

The purchase program is the most affordable way to own an instrument at the best price while being fully protected by our GUARANTEED BUY-BACK program.


The rent to own program is designed for parents who may wish to rent the instrument initially. As many students will continue with their music program for more than 2 years, Tom Lee Music maintains record of your rental payment and will apply 100% of your rent to the rent-to-own purchase price of the instrument. For families who can make an early commitment towards long-term music education, they are welcome to pay the balance of the rent-to-own price with a 20% discount bonus. Please see our brochure for further details.

All rent-to-own program participants are provided with a free care kit and music folder to enhance the music learning experience.