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MACKIE MR10SMK3 10-inch Powered Subwoofer

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MACKIE MR10SMK3 10-inch Powered Subwoofer

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  • MACKIE MR10SMK3 10-inch Powered Subwoofer
  • MACKIE MR10SMK3 10-inch Powered Subwoofer
  • MACKIE MR10SMK3 10-inch Powered Subwoofer
  1. Deep Extended Bass
  2. 120watts Class A/b Amplifier
  3. 10-inch Glass Aramid Woofer
  4. Shelf-ported For Deep Low End
  5. Stereo Xlr & Trs Inputs
  6. Adjustable 40hz-180hz X-over
  7. Rugged All-wood Cabinet
  8. Absorbing Rubber Feet

Powered Studio Subwoofer

Delivering the powerful, deep bass your music deserves, the MR10Smk3 Powered Studio Subwoofer is designed for high-output low end performance. The low-profile enclosure is rear-ported to provide smooth, even bass that adds to the character of your music and also features vibration-absorbing rubber feet to minimize unwanted resonances.

Optimizing features include an adjustable crossover to dial in the right amount of low end for your studio, plus a polarity switch to make sure your mix is always in phase. Adding an MR10Smk3 studio subwoofer to your studio not only delivers the added bass your music demands, it is perfectly matched to MRmk3 studio monitors to enrich your full range mix.

A Brieft History of Time...
We have been designing and re-designing studio monitors and subwoofers for over 15 years. Our talented engineering team has now designed monitors and subwoofers that love music as much as you do. Targeted at music lovers and post-production studios alike, the new MR10Smk3 Powered Studio Subwoofer has been re-voiced and re-kitted, offering unparalleled clarity and unbelievable depth for today's demanding home project or post-production studio requirements.

Music Is All That Matters
When designing the MR10Smk3 Powered Studio Subwoofer, we didn't start on paper. Instead, we poured through countless hours of music from every possible genre and source. From perfectly optimized electronics to amps and a woofer custom-matched for performance, the MR10Smk3 Powered Studio Subwoofer is designed for your music.

Designed To Enhanced Your Sonic
The ability to reveal the character of your music is the number one reason to get professional studio monitors and subwoofers. The MR10Smk3 Powered Studio Subwoofer is packed with design features to enhance this experience. From the added punch and bass extension provided by the custom-tuned ports to the rugged all-wood cabinet packed with sound-tightening acoustic absorption material, you can be confident that this subwoofer is revealing the natural, low-end character that your music deserves.

As Versatile As Your Application
All studio spaces are different. As such, having the right connection types and customizable control over your acoustics is necessary. Adding an MR10Smk3 studio subwoofer to your system only adds to the experience. It not only delivers the chest-pounding punch critical for genres like hip-hop and dance, but also lets your mains focus on what they do best for optimum studio performance. What's more, two types of professional input connectors are provided [XLR and 1/4"] to interface with virtually any application you may have. Also, the variable crossover allows you to dial in the perfect amount of low end for your studio. Your studio deserves a professional monitoring system with the flexibility and performance to up the level of your music production.

A Variety of Applicaions...
An MR10Smk3 Powered Studio Subwoofer may be used in a variety of applications. Some examples include:

- Home and project studios - Music production for solo artists, small bands and DJs. Post-production edit / mix suites, recording, editing, mixdown, mastering of everything from spoken word performances to full music productions.

- A/V broadcast studios - Live broadcast / streaming of audio-only or AV content such as radio and TV. Production / Post-production focused on podcasts or other streaming audio. Voiceovers, too.

- Video post-production - Edit suites for small productions such as commercials, budget films or multimedia for internet broadcast, etc.

- Home theater and other multimedia - Music and movie playback, video game sound system, social function / party system, etc.