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KEITH MCMILLEN QUNEO 3d Multi-touch Pad Controller

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KEITH MCMILLEN QUNEO 3d Multi-touch Pad Controller

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  • KEITH MCMILLEN QUNEO 3d Multi-touch Pad Controller
  1. Tactile Pads,sliders,rotary
  2. Led Light Feedback
  3. 16 Trigger Pads
  4. 2 Rotary Sensors
  5. 9 Multi-touch Sliders
  6. Class Compliant
  7. Open Source Development Kit

The World's Most Expressive Controller

QuNeo is the next generation of pad controller. As small as an iPad and more powerful than any other MIDI controller you've ever played, QuNeo makes beats, launches clips, remixes and reinvents your musical world.

Imagine what it'd be like if your computer knew how you felt. KMI's Smart Sensor technology makes QuNeo sensitive to gesture in 3 dimensions; Pressure, X and Y location information combine to give you an unprecedented degree of control and nuance.

QuNeo was designed to be as deep and customizable as possible. With such an open architecture, this is one controller that can do it all. Out of the box, QuNeo works with over 30 of your favorite music software programs.

The road is long and rough, and you need gear that can take a spill but keep on going. QuNeo is constructed from elastomeric and sonically-welded composites. Ruggedly built and very durable.

Artists Agree
We're proud to be in the hands of such talented and discerning artists! QuNeo has been embraced by performers of all kinds, from Richie Hawtin to Herbie Hancock.

Committed to Education
School specials and academic pricing are available to all students! KMI has partnered with after-school programs and education institutions to bring popular music education to students everywhere.