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M-AUDIO KEYSTUDIO 49i 49-key Controller With Audio Interface (mac/win)

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M-AUDIO KEYSTUDIO 49i 49-key Controller With Audio Interface (mac/win)

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  • M-AUDIO KEYSTUDIO 49i 49-key Controller With Audio Interface (mac/win)
  1. On-board Steinway Piano Sample
  2. Usb Audio Interface 2x2
  3. Xlr Mic And 1/4" Input
  4. 1/4" Stereo Output
  5. Dual Front-mount Headphone Out
  6. Assignable Mod Wheel
  7. Pitch Bend Wheel
  8. Octave Button +/-

Keyboard-based Music Production System

Top Features
- 49-note USB keyboard controller with integral audio interface > all-in-one music-making solution
- built-in, stereo-sampled Steinway grand sound > excellent on-board piano
- line and microphone inputs > record vocals and instruments
- includes M-Audio General MIDI software sound module > 128 sounds total
- includes Ableton Live Lite music software > record and produce entire compositions

The KeyStudio 49i delivers everything you need to start making and recording music today. It’s the first USB keyboard controller with a built-in audio interface and premium piano sound. Play the on-board piano as a stand-alone instrument—then plug the USB cable into your computer to play a total of 128 sounds and listen to them from the keyboard’s audio outputs. The built-in interface even lets you record vocals and instruments as well as listen to your sessions and mixes. The included Ableton Live Lite software seals the deal by providing an incredibly easy-to-use music production solution. The KeyStudio 49i instantly transforms your computer into a versatile music studio.

Play piano
The KeyStudio 49i is built around the same great 49-note keyboard as our Keystation 49e—the best-selling keyboard controller on the planet. It also features a built-in, stereo-sampled Steinway grand piano from the expert software instrument designers at Digidesign’s Advanced Instrument Research group. The piano even has reverb for enhanced realism. No muss, no fuss, no computer required. Just turn it on and play.

Instruments galore
Why just play piano when you can be the whole band? The included M-Audio GM Module gives you 127 more sounds to play just for fun—or to use in building up multitrack recordings. Jam out on drums, bass, synths, organ, sax, flute and many, many more instruments right at your fingertips.

Audio interface on board
KeyStudio 49i sports an on-board 2-in, 2-out audio interface with CD audio quality. That means that you can listen to everything—built-in piano, software instruments and recorded tracks—right from the KeyStudio 49i audio outs or headphone jacks. Connect instruments and microphones to the audio inputs and record vocals, guitar and just about anything else—or even jam along with a CD. The built-in mini-mixer lets you find just the right balance. The audio interface is even compatible with Pro Tools*, delivering seamless integration with industry-standard music production software.

Record and mix your tunes
Ableton Live Lite software (also included) turns your KeyStudio 49i and computer into a complete recording studio. Its powerful drag-and-drop interface lets you make incredible loop-based music with ease. Want to record vocal and guitar tracks? Just plug them into your KeyStudio 49i and record them with Ableton Live Lite. When you’ve recorded all your tracks, this powerful software also lets you mix it all down to share with friends—and maybe even the record companies.

Teacher’s pet
The KeyStudio 49i is a music teacher’s best friend. For starters, dual front-mounted headphone jacks keep things private between you and your student. And if you’re in a lab setting, the keyboard’s combination of on-board piano sounds and audio interface with mixer means there’s nothing else to buy. The M-Audio GM Module software sound bank and Ableton Live Lite round out a complete electronic music learning package. There’s even a Piano Reset button to restore all settings to the internal piano sound should you ever need to return to the default state.